Organic Wedding Breakfast and Lunch for Eco Caters.

This wedding gave the opportunity to your San Diego wedding caterer to work on two different meals. Both gathered thirty people and actually pleased every one of them!

The breakfast featured a few different options picked by our customer and our Eco Caters’ chef. First of all, the staff set up an omelet bar, including the following options: house cured bacon, country ham, chorizo, sautéed onion, sautéed bell peppers, cheddar, & Swiss cheese. Of course, all of these were served with some freshly-cooked home fries, some Cali Crystal hot sauce, some organic fresh fruits and homemade buttermilk biscuits.

Then, guests could also enjoy a nice fresh fruit smoothie bar, with an assortment of seasonal fresh fruits, orange juice, milk, soy milk, some raw cane sugar and agave. To go along with this, your San Diego wedding caterers prepared a beautiful waffle station, made up from freshly-made Belgian waffles with maple and strawberry syrup, butter, bananas, seasonal fruits, chocolate chips, pecans and at last whipped cream. These delicious waffles came along with some house bacon, breakfast potatoes and free-range scrambled eggs, nicely cooked by your San Diego wedding catering staff.

Once breakfast was over, San Diego wedding catering chefs continued cooking all morning; so the food could be ready right on time for lunch. For this meal, our client had chosen quick and easy options to eat, such as sandwiches and wraps mainly. The menu featured sandwiches filled with some classic roasted peanut butter with strawberry preserves, some almond butter with blackberry jam, and at last some cucumber, cream cheese and chive.

As for wraps, all guests had the chance to taste the grilled chicken wrap with white balsamic mustard, house aioli, onion, tomato and herb mix and the grilled sirloin wrap with tomato, onion, chipotle mayo, roasted pepper aioli and pepper mix.

For sides, San Diego wedding caterer had fixed the well-known farmers market salad including the best of the market greens and vegetables with a house vinaigrette dressing; as well as a Southern pasta salad with local olives, celery, onion and lemon.

Finally, everyone could obviously enjoy a few drinks to go with their meal, such as some orange juice, assorted natural sodas, infused mint water and at last some organic coffee

It was definitely a great day for Eco Caters who absolutely enjoy serving these guests, making the wedding day run great!

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