Party at the Marvimon House!

The Marvimon House makes for a fun, stylish wedding.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering team was on hand to make sure this special day turned out perfectly.

The sign of any good wedding is its tear factor and Camille and Alex jerked the tears of almost every guest that attended their wedding.  The ceremony was intimate, personal, flirty and filled with laughter.  The couple designed an amazing wedding from top to bottom and it all took place under one roof:  The Marvimon House.

The Marvimon House is located just north of downtown Los Angeles and it is the perfect spot to host your ceremony, cocktail hour, the feast, and the dance party.  It’s the perfect all-in-one event location.  Our Los Angeles wedding catering company caters tons of weddings at the Marvimon House and Camille and Alex’s wedding was one of our favorites.  Even our Los Angeles wedding caterers got a little teary after the ceremony.

The couple utilized the style of the Marvimon décor all the way down to the table settings.  They pulled off a fun yet chic table arrangement with mismatched silver, goblets, plate patterns and centerpieces.  Each guest was also given a bottle of homemade vanilla extract that the family made from scratch.  The Vanila came in these little round glass bottles with fun notes attached to them (pictured on the right).  I had never been to a wedding where the guests were offered a bottle of vanilla but the gesture seemed so warm and welcoming for the family and friends who received them.

Our organic Los Angeles wedding catering company tray passed an assortment of appetizers fresh from the large kitchen at the Marvimon House.  Each hors d’oeuvre was created entirely from local farms and in season produce.  Pictured on the left: Our mouthwatering Albacore Bites.  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers sears fresh Albacore tuna and lays it over a bed of finely chopped cabbage and green onion tossed with grapefruit and orange juices.  The bite-sized morsel is then served to guests on a bamboo spoon.

For the main course our Los Angeles wedding catering team put together a hardy dinner that satisfied the likes of both vegetarians and carnivores.  Our kitchen staff arranged platters and bowls of food and sent them out to each table to be passed “family-style”.  Serving your wedding reception family-style is a great way to unite family and friends and insure that every guest gets their fill.

As a Los Angeles wedding caterer we want to make sure that the dinners we serve are made from the best ingredients and the most flavorful sauces.  We opened Camille and Alex wedding dinner with large bowls of wild arugula tossed with shaved peaches, nectarines, crumbled blue cheese and our tangy House Apple Cider Vinaigrette dressing.  For the main course, we brought out platters of grilled grass-fed hanger steak rubbed with fresh herbs and caramelized shallots, a spicy Lime-Cilantro Chicken Breast drizzled in a jerk mango sauce, and a Grilled Vegetable Lasagna with a deep roasted tomato ricotta sauce. To top the feast off our catering team handed guests three yummy sides: roasted Weiser Farms potatoes with marjoram and thyme, our rich Gouda Mac N’ Cheese
, and a flavorful cocktail of grilled Farmers Market vegetables.

These gorgeous photos are curtesy of Tec Petaja.  I wish I had room to post all of the photos Tec shot of the wedding because he captured so many priceless moments.  He captured the day so well.  I encourage you to visit his website and check him out!

Los Angeles Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

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