Photo Shoot catered by San Diego Caterers in La Jolla.

Only around twenty people were attending this event at the Playa del Sur in la Jolla, but your San Diego catering company, Eco Caters, had the best time cooking for these clients. In fact, the team had to get ready for two services: breakfast and lunch right after.

Therefore, your favorite San Diego caterer drove up to the venue early in the morning, so that the organic breakfast buffet could be served on time. The menu was featuring some delicious options Eco Caters is used to offering, such as the California Scramble with Avocadoes, Tomatoes, and some Crème Fraiche; the Breakfast Burritos with some Bacon, Egg, Cheese, and Salsa; some Home Fries with Chive and at last a nice Fruit Platter with the freshest products from the market. These items were accompanied by an organic Coffee and Beverage services, set up by your San Diego catering team.

After everyone got done with breakfast, the photo shoot could eventually start for our clients. Meanwhile, your San Diego caterers could also start preparing the organic lunch buffet. The different options chosen were the following: the nice Farmers Market Salad, including the best of market greens, the Grilled Chicken Breast cooked with Mango and Avocado and at last some Sauteed Pacific White Fish served with Coconut Sauce on the side. Then, some Mirepoix Quinoa and Grilled Farmers Market Vegetables were finely prepared by your San Diego catering chefs and available as sides.

Some fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea and mint infused water were offered as drinks, and actually went really well with the dessert baked by your San Diego caterer: a nice selection of assorted homemade cookies.

All guests attending this event were really happy about the food and the service and actually promised some recommendations regarding our work! Always good to hear such great news!

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