Polito Family Farms



FARM:  Polito Family Farms


GROWING: Oranges, Limes, & Lemons

WHERE WE USE IT:  Los Angeles Events

LOCATION:  Valley Center, California

CONTACT: (760) 749-1636


The Polito Family Farms is an exciting and family run citrus farm located in Valley Center, California.  Our Los Angeles kitchen uses their juicy oranges, limes and lemons to brighten our dishes and to make popular homemade lemon-aid.  Our lemon-aid is made fresh and in small batches, made to order for our weddings and business events.  If you’d like to taste Polito Family Farms locally grown fruits for yourself, visit them at these popular farmers markets:  La Cienega Farmers’ MarketSanta Monica Farmers’ Market, and the Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market.

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