San Deigo Green Wedding Coordinator and Caterer

Eco Caters, San Diego’s all-organic wedding caterer put together a delicious wedding feast for our newlyweds Maggie and Jake’s wedding at the Marina Village, here in San Diego.

San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-19 catering san diego wedding cateringThere’s something romantic and timeless about sunsets over the ocean.  Our clients Maggie and Jake had always wanted a wedding on the ocean and Eco Caters not only was hired to cater their special day, but we also were able to work them as their San Diego wedding coordinator!

A lot of our clients are disappointed to discover that Eco Caters can coordinate their San Diego wedding after they have already hired a separate wedding coordinator; since our San Diego wedding catering company already plays such an integral role in a couple’s wedding, its so much easier to have your wedding coordinator and your wedding catering company all under one roof.  It’s usually cheaper and just simplifies everything.  It’s something Eco Caters offers that most San Diego wedding caterers do not.

Emily, our San Diego wedding coordinator listened to what Maggie and Jake wanted to have in their wedding, and what they valued. She worked with our chef, and some of our preferred vendors to help them find a wedding location, connect them with the right people, and help them pull of their wedding within their budget.

The couple chose Marina Village in San Diego to have their wedding and to celibrate with their family and friends.  Our team of San Deigo wedding caterers worked from start to finish to make sure everything was pulled off seamlessly.


San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-20 catering san diego wedding cateringTHE MENU

Maggie and Jake are conscious of the food they eat, and it was important to them to serve their wedding guests Eco Caters’ organic and locally sourced food.  The food our San Diego wedding catering company prepares is all farmed from small, local farms and purchased the day before the event.   Our San Diego wedding catering team also worked with Maggie and Jake to help them create a custom wedding dinner menu that fit their budget.  Below is a fun wedding sample menu we put together with them bursting with freshness and flavors.

Tray Passed Hors D’Oeuvres

Plantain Chips with homemade Guacamole and Roasted Jalapeno

A bright Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche with Lemon Lime and Coconut Butter

Refreshing Cucumber Cups with Mango, Jicama, Chili, and Lime


Farmers Market Salad includes, Best of the Saturday morning, San Diego Farmers Market greens and vegetables tossed with a house vinaigrette dressing.

Taco Bar

Juicy, smoked Chili Rubbed Jidori Chicken Breast

Grilled Farmers Market Vegetables

Taco Bar Includes:

Salsa Fresca, Roasted Salsa, Mango Salsa

Cheddar and Jalapeno Jack Cheese

Grilled Peppers and Onions

Sour Cream

Chopped Lettuce

Warm Corn and Flour Tortillas

And, last but not least, our Roasted Garlic Guacamole


To pair with our taco bar, our San Diego wedding catering team, put together a few savory side dishes to finish off the feast:

Black Beans with Orange and Mexican Chocolate

Heirloom Tomato Rice with roasted cumin seed and coriander

We wish Maggie and Jake the very best and thank them for choosing Eco Caters as their San Diego wedding coordinator, and organic caterer.  We also wanted to share these photographs from San Diego wedding photographer Wedding Bug Studios.

San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-15 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-16 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-06 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-07 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-08 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-17 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-09 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-18 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-01 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-10 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-02 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-03 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-11 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-04 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-12 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-21 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-05 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-13 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-22 catering san diego wedding catering San-Diego-Wedding-on-a-budget-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-food-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-14 catering san diego wedding catering

San Diego Wedding Coordinator:  Emily of Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Officiate: Ian Williams

San Diego Wedding DJ: Julian Napolitan

San Diego Wedding Flouriest:  Rae Florae

San Diego Wedding Hotel: Bahia Hotel & Resort

San Diego Wedding Photographer:  Wedding Bug Studios

San Diego Wedding Transportation:  Industry Transportation

San Diego Wedding Rentals: Raphaels Party Rentals

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