San Diego Wedding Caterers at the Garty Pavillion in Mission Bay.

For their special day, our awesome bride and groom picked up an Organic Mexican Buffet. What better for such a celebration?

Your San Diego wedding caterers began the cocktail hour at the end of the afternoon with a nice selection of drinks and some stationary Hors d’Oeuvres, featuring a Mexican Cheese Display including Queso Blanco, Cotija and Requeson (all of these being served with some water crackers and grilled flatbread); as well as some Plantain Chips with Homemade Guacamole and Roasted Jalapeno.

Then, everyone got seated for the actual meal to start. At first, guests could enjoy an organic type of Salad, chosen by our couple, with the Best of the Market Vegetables with Mixed Greens and some House Vinaigrette, finely fixed by your San Diego wedding caterer.

For mains, your San Diego wedding catering chefs cooked two options of burritos: the Blackened Local Fish and the Carne Asada kind. Also, the guests’ count on that day included six vegans. So, your San Diego wedding caterer put six vegans on the side for them. That way, all guests got the opportunity to enjoy some great food, following everyone’s requirements.

Those delicious burritos were also accompanied by some side dishes, such as the Heirloom Tomato Rice cooked in Cumin and Coriander and the tasty Sesame Beans.

At last, for dessert, cupcakes were served by San Diego wedding catering staff. Different kinds of cakes were available: carrot, lemon, chocolate… So, each of all guests could just pick their favorite and enjoy the rest of the meal with a sweet tooth without even feeling bad about it!

Eco Caters, San Diego wedding catering company, enjoyed a lot working with this awesome couple and wish the event was exactly what they were looking for! A wedding is so much of a special day that the team will always do its maximum to satisfy your greatest desires and take those as an actual challenge!

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