Say Hello To Gourmet Vegan Company, Spork Foods

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Eco Caters is proud to partner with gourmet vegan food company, Spork Foods, for all our  vegan events. 

Preparing the best food requires quality organic ingredients.  It also requires time-tested recipes, and Spork Foods has an exceptional catalog we can’t wait to share with you!

Lets face it, as vegans we have a lot of substitutions and restrictions to deal with when eating food.  It can be disappointing at times when our favorite dishes don’t taste the way they should.  It can also feel like we have a limited selection of entrée to choose from, especially when planning an event.   It’s one thing to privately exercise our vegan lifestyles, but to offer a vegan-only dinner at your wedding reception or corporate party can be disappointing to those carnivore friends and family members of ours; however this has not been our experience.  We have received surprisingly positive responses during our vegan catering events, and Spork Foods refreshing take on old vegan dishes has brought smiles to young and old alike.  Some hadn’t even realized they were eating an all-vegan cuisine!  We love that.

Los-Angeles-vegan-wedding-san-diego-vegan-cooking-vegan-recipes-vegan-catering-delicious-vegan-cooing-ideas-green-organic-food-6 catering san diego wedding catering

These delicious new vegan recipes are the brainchild of sisters Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg.  These two energetic women have been long-time vegans and cooking instructors of Spork Foods in Los Angeles.  Their company goes above and beyond just crafting delicious recipes.  They also teach insightful cooking classes from the beginner up to the seasoned chef, and is a great place to meet likeminded individuals.  Their website is full of helpful ideas, recipes, and instructional videos to give you a “taste.”

If you’re interested in learning how to cook enjoyable food, their modern twist on vegan recipes has been preserved in an exciting new cookbook as well.  ‘Spork-Fed’ (which is available for purchase on is highly rated, and for good reason!  Jenny and Heather do a beautiful job keeping the cooking experience fun, and the photos are inspiring to say the least.  Most of all, the recipes create complex flavors and dazzling presentations for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in planning a vegan wedding or special event in the Los Angeles,San Diego, or Washington DC area, give us a call!  We would love to set up a food tasting with you so you can experience Spork Foods delicious vegan recipes paired with our award winning organic catering.  For more information on our Vegan Spork Foods Menu visit our website HERE!

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