SDNN lists Eco Caters as One of the Green 35 under 35

SDNN listed Eco Caters, along with 34 other companies started by entrepreneurs who’s passion is living green. We were so please to be placed on a list with the Eco Investment Club, AMSOLAR, Nikster Eco Bikinis, and all the other amaizing eco friendly companies that were stated by those 35 or younger.  This is what they had to say about Eco Caters;

Eco Caters started as the brainchild of the two organic food munching friends Adam Hiner and Chef Nicholas Brune. The idea, according to Hiner and Brune, was based on their own passion for organic foods and the growing market demand for catering services that prepared organic foods.

Unlike traditional catering services, Eco Caters serves only organically grown foods and practices eco-friendly catering habits.

“Being organic and eco-friendly separates us from competition, and we saw that as something that would benefit our company” said Hiner.

Hiner and Brune estimate that the catering business will have earned $500,000 in gross sales by the end of 2009. Since Eco Caters has already booked many events next year, Hiner and Brune predict that sales will double once again, putting their 2010 year end gross sales at $1 million. The Eco Caters Company plans to launch the Grass Roots Grill, an organic fast food restaurant, in San Diego as early as spring 2010.

You can read the full article here. Thanks SDNN!

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