Soledad Club Wedding, San Diego

Want a fun San Diego wedding venue that has a beautiful property surrounded by tropical gardens, a large house ready to be used however you wish, overlooking the ocean?  Then say, “hello” to the Soledad Club.   Eco Caters was on hand to help Patrick and Maria take advantage of this exciting San Diego event space.

Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-081 catering san diego wedding cateringOur San Diego wedding catering team not only catered our popular all-organic cuisine for Patrick and Maria’s wedding, we were also their San Diego wedding coordinator.  Our clients love the convenience and simplicity of only having to remember one phone number when planning their wedding, and its Emily Brune’s at our San Diego branch, Eco Caters.

Emily of our San Diego wedding catering company sat down with Patrick and Maria and went over everything with them, so that their San Diego wedding would turn out just as they had dreamed it to be.  Here’s the bride in her own words on the day:

 “We had the best experience with Eco Caters, everyone loved the food and Emily, Lauren, Adam, and all the servers were fantastic!”

Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-091 catering san diego wedding cateringAs friends and family arrived, they were offered refreshing organic beverages from our San Diego wedding caterers.  Sweet lemonade, sun brewed iced tea, and water infused with some crisp mint sprigs, were displayed in old, glass dispensers.  This is staple we serve at all of our San Diego wedding catering events and always goes over so well as guest mingle during those hot summer months.

Following a tear jerking ceremony over looking the San Diego coast line, attendees were offered some savory appetizers during cocktail hour:  A homemade hummus trio with cucumber yoghurt, mixed olives, and warm flatbread.  Our chefs also prepared three different kinds of fresh salsa, with Organic tortilla chips, and guacamole.

Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-161 catering san diego wedding cateringAs the sun began to set and guest found their way to their seats, our San Diego wedding caterers opened up the buffet.  The all-organic wedding buffet was all food Patrick and Maria loved during their food tasting with us and the couple was just as please the second time around when trying our food as they were the first.  The couple decided to open up their feast with a nice large bowl of mixed Farmers Market greens tossed with crisp vegetables and topped off with our homemade Apple Cider Vinaigrette.  For protein, the couple went with a Blackened Local Fish with Rice and Refried Beans, and our spicy Chipotle Blueberry Chicken.  And lastly the couple picked out a few delicious side dishes to complment the rest of their meal with grilled Farmers Market vegetables (zucchini, bell peppers, leeks, carrots, and squash), and our popular mirepoix quinoa.

A big thank you to Shana Siler of Siler Photography for allowing us to share these wonderful wedding photos with all of you.  She was so much fun to work with and we look forward to running into her again at our next encounter! To find out more about Shana Siler’s photography, visit her website

Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-031 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-021 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-011 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-101 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-111 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-121 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-071 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-171 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-181 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-061 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-151 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-051 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-141 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-041 catering san diego wedding catering Soledad-club-wedding-venue-San-Diego-Wedding-Photographer-Shana-Siler-of-Siler-Photography-San-Diego-Wedding-catering-caterer-Eco-Caters-all-organic-wedding-local-catering-san-diego-wedding-coordinator-131 catering san diego wedding catering


Here’s some information I pulled from the Soledad Club website for those of you who may be searching around for a nice wedding venue in the San Diego area.

Soledad Club, 5050 Soledad Road, San Diego, CA 92109

“Located across the street from Kate Sessions Park, the Soledad Club was built in 1963. There are several rooms within the building, useful for different types of functions. The outside deck has a beautiful view of the ocean and bay. Because the building is located in a very quiet residential neighborhood, we are committed to maintaining the serenity and peacefulness of this neighborhood. Next to the building, is a parking lot with space for fifty cars.


  • 50-space parking lot.
  • Additional parking on the street.
  • All vehicles must be parked within marked spaces.
  • Fire regulations require that areas not marked as parking spaces remain open and available for emergency vehicle use.


Our main room is a 2,500 square feet auditorium, with a stage area. This room can easily accommodate 225 people seated at tables.

On the lower level is the downstairs room, which can accommodate about 80 people. This room is carpeted and furnished with comfortable chairs. There is a small kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave but no stove. One unisex bathroom is located in this room.

Approximates dimensions are:

Main room: 50 feet by 50 feet.

Surf Room: 36 feet by 40 feet.

Downstairs room is approximately 26 feet by 35 feet


There are four bathrooms upstairs and one downstairs. Please insure that your guests do not place diapers, feminine products or paper towels into the toilets; these items should be properly wrapped and placed in the trash cans provided.

View of the ocean and bay from the outside deck

Adjacent to the main room is a kitchen, with a stove, refrigerator and microwave, all of which may be used by renters.

There are four bathrooms upstairs, two of them located on either side of the stage, two located in the Surf Room.”

San Diego Wedding Coordinator: Emily of Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Photographer: Shana Siler of Siler Photography

San Diego Wedding Venue: Soledad Club

San Diego Wedding Live Music: Andy Mauser

San Diego Wedding Baker: Kimberly Gafter and Jennifer Duncan

San Diego Wedding Rentals: Raphael’s Party Rentals

San Diego Wedding Transportaion:  Eric Talner of  Never Tardy Bus

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