South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding

SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-13-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering

Our organic Los Angeles wedding catering team helped Snow and Will tie the knot at the beautiful South Coast Botanic Garden.

Eco Caters would like to give a special thanks to Snow and Will! Thank you for choosing us as their organic Los Angeles wedding caterers! Our team had a blast working with you and we wish you nothing but the best!

South Coast Botanic Garden

The South Coast Botanic Garden is one the best wedding venues for Los Angeles and San Diego. Our organic Los Angeles wedding catering team highly recommends the South Coast Botanic Garden for medium to smaller sized weddings.

The South Coast Botanic Garden, “The Jewel of the Peninsula”, is located on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula, located 10 miles south of the Los Angeles Airport in California. Conveniently located to many South Bay communities, this 87-acre Botanic Garden has more than 2,500 different species of plants from as far away as Australia, the Mediterranean, and southern Africa. The Garden is situated in Sunset’s Zone 23, one of the most favored growing areas in the world. About 100 trees and shrubs are rare mature specimens, infrequently seen elsewhere. The wide variety of plant life provides food and shelter to an abundant wildlife and bird population, and over 200 species of birds are sighted annually. Popular features include a small lake, Mediterranean Garden, AARS Rose Garden, Water-Wise Garden, Garden for the Senses, Cactus Garden, Children’s Garden, Fuchsia Garden, Dahlia Garden, Herb Garden, and Japanese Garden. There is an attractive Wedding Lawn and two Gazebos, Events Meadow, and Frances Young Auditorium available for events. Source –

SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-12-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering

The Events Boutique Wedding Coordinator

The Events Boutique wedding coordinators are top notch. Covering Southern California, Las Vegas and Palm Springs locations, this fun team goes above and beyond to pull off exceptional events. Our Los Angeles wedding caterers enjoyed working with their crew and we look forward to our next endeavor.  To find out more about the Event Boutique wedding coordinators please visit their website:

SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-11-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer 

Jessica Hickerson is the sweetest. She married her high school sweetheart and happily lives with her two dogs in an old vintage house which she herself has renovated. Her big heart and romantic nature shines through in her photographer. You can see the love and passion in everyone of her shots.

Our Los Angeles wedding caterers would like to thank photographer Jessica Hickerson for allowing us to share her work with all of you. Jessica did an amazing job at this South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding. We encourage you to snoop around her website and take a look at all the great photography she’s taken over the years:

SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-10-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-9-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-8-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-7-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-6-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-5-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-4-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-3-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-2-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering SD-wedding-South-Coast-Botanic-Garden-wedding-San-Diego-best-catering-san-diego-wedding-caterer-organic-catering-best-wedding-fun-wedding-best-california-catering-SD-Library-wedding-1-of-13 catering san diego wedding catering

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