Stemmari Wine Review

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Based out of Sicily, Stemmari Vineyard has become a dominant winery using both native and international veritels.  With it’s reasonable price point and balanced bottles it should be at the top of everyone’s grocery list or on the menu for your upcoming event.

Eco Caters catered a wine and hors-d’oeuvre social with the owners of Stemmari Vineyard. While the event was highly entertaining, served with all organic food of course, our staff was lucky enough to have each received a bottle of Stemmari Pinot Noir as a gift.  I was so enthused, having read praising reviews of the wine months earlier, and looking forward to enjoying this bottle with my wife.

Later that week my wife and I planned a special dinner so that we could enjoy the bottle together.  We paired a simple beet salad with a soft goats cheese and roasted pork tenderloin.  As we sat down to eat we popped the cork on our Stemmaari Pinot Noir. We instantly inhaled notes of cherry, currant and pepper.

Our first impression of the wine was that it was well balanced and with a nice spice to it. It pulled forward the deep flavor of the beats, the gamey flavors in the goats cheese, and the rosemary from the pork.

We were very impressed with the bottle and have since purchased several others.  It’s an enjoyable bottle of wine for sipping, paired with food, or a special occasion. We also could not believe how reasonably priced it was and have since found it a few of our usual grocery stores.

About Stemmari

sLR0NL7D_400x400Celebrated for its hot sunny climate, historic monuments and rich culinary tradition, Sicily has been producing rich flavored and full-bodied wines since Greek and Roman times. Well known for its warm Mediterranean climate, hot sun, intense sun-light, and fertile soil, Sicily has blossomed into one of the world’s most promising wine regions.

Arancio cultivates its own grapes in two large estates along the windy south coast of the island. A total of 1,700 acres of estate vineyards are planted in single varietal fields in order to offer 100% single varietal wines to the final consumer.

Arancio’s new state-of-the-art facilities are utilized to take full advantage of what this bountiful land has to offer. A new generation of talented and passionate Sicilian winemarkers and vineyard managers produce Arancio wines that are consistent representations of Sicilian and International varietals grown in the hot Sicilian climate. Arancio wines are well reviewed by all major international magazines, year after year.

For more information about Stemmari Pinot Noir, or their other veritels, we encourage you to visit their website:

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