Surprise!! Birthday Party for our Los Angeles Catering Crew – Shrimp Boil

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, goes back to Agoura Hills for a Surprise 50th Birthday Party!!

One of our regulars contacted us to put together a Surprise Birthday Party for her husband’s 50th. Being our Executive Chef and the birthday boy are both from Lousiana, your Los Angeles Caterer suggested a Shrimp Boil. The pictures included in this blog set the tone: Casual, Fun and Steamy!! As guests arrived they were greeted with an array of drinks set out by our host and one server. We do suggest if you are planning a boil like this, have more then one Server. As for the kitchen, set outside of course, was a Head Chef and one Kitchen Assistant. This is for a party of 40 people. If you are going to have more people, then the staff count will of course be a little different.

Let’s get into the table set up. Easy! Ideally, you have the space to set up one long table as shown in the pictures. Your Los Angeles Caterers suggest lining the table with a cloth that is absorbent, then cover that with inexpensive disposable biodegradable covers. You will not want to use them again. Set out rolls of paper towels and paper plates thick enough to hold the delicious juices. You will also want to have empty bowls scattered around for the shells of the shrimp to be dumped. As the chef pulls the goodness out of the boiling pot, you smell the amazing aroma. Good thing he is right nearby to pile it directly on the table. Then your guests have at it!

What was in the boil you ask? If you look closely at the photos, you will see it all. Gulf Shrimp (brought in from Lousiana), Andouille Sausage (brought in from Lousiana), Corn on the Cob, Whole Potatoes, Onion, Mushrooms and Artichoke. You must also have Homemade Cornbread. That is what is in the baskets, in case you were wondering. As an added touch, our host also ordered a Fried Turkey from our Los Angeles Caterers. Now with an event such as this, your Los Angeles Caterer must serve a Creole Injected Fried Turkey. Of course!!

So, if you are looking to do something a little different from the usual, contact your Los Angeles Catering Division of Eco Caters. Our Executive Chef would love to put together a special boil menu specific to your guests.

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