Surprise! Eco Caters Celebrates Birthday Parties!

Money ball appetizers los angeles catering Our Los Angeles branch catering company put together a fun mix of tray passed appetizers and fruity cocktails to celebrate Dr. Siddiqi Surprise 50th Birthday Party.

The family contacted our all-organic Los Angeles catering company with a few questions and asked if we could assist them in planning their birthday bash.  Our staff shared our philosophy of using local and organic ingredients, and our passion for fresh food; we helped them calculate a few different price points based on their guest count of 175 people, and our coordinator got a feel for the kind of food and drinks they were interested in serving.  Our Los Angeles catering team was also able to connect them with a few of our favorite vendors which they utilized to secure a good rental tent, tables, chairs, and an experienced DJ for the evening.

For appetizers, our Los Angeles wedding caterers tray passed: grilled grass fed steak skewers with a spicy red pepper dipping sauce, jumbo shrimp paired with our homemade cocktail sauce, Vegetable Money Balls (which is a classic Thai twist on an egg roll), warm falafel served with a white bean hummus,  and our popular mini beef sliders with arugulas and a melted goats cheese.

Our Los Angeles caterers also mixed drinks for the bar.  Since it was an all ages event, the host requested that we not serve any alcohol for the party, which was not a problem for our seasoned bartenders.  They served guests a fun menu of non-alcoholic drinks that guests found just as entertaining.

We would like to thank Dr. Siddiqi and his lovely family for inviting our staff into their home and being apart of a really fun event.  We’d like to thank you for choosing us as your Los Angeles caterer and we’ll see you again at Dr. Siddiqi’s 100th birthday party!

Los Angeles caterer: Eco Caters

Los Angeles Photographer: Angels Ink Photography

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