Tallgrass Beef


Tallgrass Beef never uses growth hormones and the grass fed beef does not need antibiotics because they are fed the correct diet.  It is simply a superior product. Furthermore, Tallgrass uses sustainable methods to raise their cows by letting them roam free, grazing on grass and then fertilizing the next crop.  This method of sustainable ranching saves resources and releases less carbon and methane into our environment.

We love Tallgrass so much because of the flavor.  There is something about grassfed beef that stands out.  We believe that this beef actually tastes like beef.  You will know what we mean here once you have tried it.  In addition to superior flavor, Grass-fed beef is leaner and higher in protein that grain-fed beef. In fact, grass-fed beef averages 1.5 times more protein than typical USDA Choice+ grain-fed beef. Research indicates that eating lean beef can help lower total, LDL and VLDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, while increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol. It can also help lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and improve insulin sensitivity and glycemic control. Learn more about this amazing ranch and find a complete list of restaurants in your area that serve this 100% grass fed beef at www.tallgrassbeef.com.

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