The Adamson House Wedding Photos!

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Eco Caters, your all organic Los Angeles wedding catering team, gets so excited when we cater weddings at the Adamson House.  If you’re looking for a Los Angeles wedding location, look no further! 

Newly engaged couples are always on the lookout for that romantic, all in one, Los Angeles wedding location, and no couple can resist the timeless attraction to the Adamson House in Malibu.  Once a couple has walked around the historic Adamson House and breathed her sweet ocean breeze, they fall hard.  If you’ve never been, let me entice you with these beautiful Adamson House wedding photos from Los Angeles wedding photographer, Laura, of Beautiful Day Photography.

The Adamson property stretches out over a few acres of prime beachfront property. The pearl of the estate is the Spanish Colonial Revival style home, which was built in 1929.  It. Is. stunning!  The immense tile work and overall architectural design of the house is something everyone should see firsthand.  Even if you’re not looking to host an event on the property, it’s a state park visit every Los Angelino should have the pleasure of visiting.

The grounds that surround the home are immersive and elegant.  Perched right on the tip of the peninsula in Malibu, it gives you a spectacular view of the coastline as well as an ideal spot for sunsets.  The landmark gardens have been beautifully preserved in their 1930’s appearance. As you look around, you begin to realize that every detail of the estate has been meticulously cared for.

The couple wanted our Los Angeles wedding caterers to start off their cocktail hour with an assortment of all-organic, tray passed appetizers for their guests.  Our refreshing (and in season) Cucumber Cups with Mango was the first one out the kitchen; diced mango with a fine brunoise, julienne of chili and lemon preserve atop a pickling cucumber.  It was a true crowd pleaser and the perfect little bit sized morsel for a California summer day.

Adamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-13 catering san diego wedding catering(Above) As guests took to their seats they were greeted to our popular Seared Albacore with Orange Grapefruit Slaw.  This Hors D’Oeuvre was one the couple fell in love with and made a priority on their list.  As always, our Los Angeles catering company was happy to accommodate their special request.

As family and friends shared their heart felt speeches in honor of the newly weds, our Los Angeles wedding caterers were quietly at work serving plated salads of wild Arugula with peach, nectarine, Point Reyes Blue crumbled cheese, and of course our Apple Cider Vinaigrette dressing.

Adamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-18 catering san diego wedding cateringFor the main course our all-organic Los Angeles wedding catering team plated a Crispy King Salmon with Fennel Onion Confit.  Our eco-friendly kitchen staff led by Chef Adam prepared a Pasta Bolognese
over a bed of penne pasta, Roasted Weiser Farms Potatoes with marjoram and thyme.  (The couple loved the mini purple and yellow potatoes we prepared for them during their food tasting, so we noted a special request to use those in our dishes during their wedding.)  Our Los Angeles wedding caterers also served sides of grilled Farmer’s Market Vegetables, and our rich and creamy Gorgonzola Mac-N-Cheese.

Enjoy the rest of the photos by Laura at Beautiful Day Photography.  She did an amazing job (as you can tell) capturing the spirit of the wedding and the natural beauty of the Adamson House property.  Laura was also really fun to work with and we couldn’t recommend her more!

Eco Caters would also like to give a very special thanks to the park rangers at the Adamson House for having Eco Caters as their Los Angeles wedding caterer and for being so accommodating to using their property.  Our entire staff loves catering weddings at the Adamson House and I know their looking forward to their next visit!  See you soon!


Adamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-06 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-07 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-05 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-09 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-12 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-16 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-17 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-19 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-20 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-21 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-24 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-27 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-28 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-29 catering san diego wedding cateringAdamson-House-wedding-malibu-california-wedding-location-eco-caters-los-angeles-wedding-catering-company-30 catering san diego wedding catering


Los Angeles Wedding Caterer:  Eco Caters

Los Angeles Wedding Location:  The Adamson House

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer:  Beautiful Day Photography

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