Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planners Apps You Must Have

The iPad and iPhone Apps do-it-yourself wedding planners must have.

You’re getting married!  Whoo-Hooo!  Did you know that touch screen computer in your pocket or bag can handle so much more than just Angry Birds and Temple Run?  Today’s gadgets pack some serious computing power.  With the plethora of well-designed apps currently out there, why not put that iPad or iPhone of yours to use in planning your wedding!  We’ve searched through a sea of iPad and iPhone apps to give you the best iOS apps for planning a wedding!  Plus, planning a wedding from your own bed is so much more…”green” than driving your car all over town.  Don’t you think?

wedding apps for planning your wedding

THE KNOT Ultimate Wedding Planner by The Knot Inc. (Free)

To keep everything organized we love the Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner.  It’s free (always nice), has a very comprehensive guide and checklist that every couple should go over together.

Some of its knockout features include:

– Count down the days to your wedding

– Keep on task! An ultimate WEDDING CHECKLIST personalized just for you

– Get your budget and track payments with their easy-to-use BUDGET TOOL

– Find a dress. 1000s of WEDDING DRESSES and bridesmaids, too

– Get inspired! See 1000+ IDEAS for cakes, decor, hairstyles + more

– See top gifts for your registry

– Save, store + send all your clippings + photos

– Access and update all your tools from on the go!

– Guest List Manager coming soon!

Apple’s Cards App (Free)

You can custom make your own stylish cards to be snail-mailed out to your entire gusts list for save-the-dates, shower invites to wedding invitations while never leaving your home.  Apple did a really nice job creating this App and there are some super cool styles to choose from.  One-click and you’re done!  No more licking envelopes, tracking down stamps or driving to the Post Office; let someone else do all that.

Seating Chart ~The Genuine Wedding ~ (Free)

Is Takahashi, the Japanese foreign exchange student you met in college really going to enjoy sitting next your partner’s UFO conspiracy-nut Uncle at your wedding reception?  NO!  You’re gong to have to put some serious thought into your wedding seating chart.  With Seating Chart, you can easily design custom dining room layouts for your wedding reception.  It’s kind of fun too!

8mm ($1.99 for iPhone)

This App is amazing!  I used it to shoot my own wedding.  It’s pretty easy to have your friends download it and take cool vintage looking, video of your wedding.  It makes for some classic film-like home-movie footage to look back on your special day.  You can also easily edit your footage together into a cool music video with other iPhone or iPad apps like iMovie and Splice (which has a paid version and a free one.  Both work just as good as iMovie in my opinion.)  Now get out there and get married!

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