The Biggest Modern Day Wedding Faux Pas Is…

The Biggest Modern Day Wedding Faux Pas Is… Posting wedding photos on Facebook before the bride and groom post theirs.

You’re at your friends wedding.  The bride and groom look radiant.  So you do what any of us would do: you pull out your phone, take a few photos of them looking adorable together and upload them to Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter, thinking how much they will enjoy them tomorrow.  Without even knowing it, you just committed one of the biggest modern day wedding faux pas!  Never upload and share wedding photos before the bride and groom.

“But they look so beautiful,” you say.  “The wedding photographer wasn’t even around, plus I made sure my friends didn’t look fat or anything!”

Nope.  Sorry.  The bride and groom went to great lengths to plan out their special day and probably dropped a small fortune on the wedding gown, the tux, flowers, and that photographer.  It’s only fair to them that they be the ones to introduce their wedding photos on Facebook first.

Yes, you may in fact have snapped a clutch photo of the bride and groom, and yes, you may have wisely chosen your go-to “Nashville” filter on Instagram to give it a timeless look, but all of that pales in comparison to the photographers $10,000 camera set up and the countless hours of touchup he or she will be dedicating to your friends wedding photos.   I’m not saying you can’t share your photo with them on Facebook, just be patient and let them post their photos first.  Once they’ve done so you can share all the photos you’d like.

I think there is one sliver of grey area here and that is photos of you.  Lets face it, you looked liked you belonged on the cover of Vogue magazine last night at so-and-so’s wedding.  You rarely get that dolled up and the photo of you and your date cuddling at the reception table is begging to be your new profile picture on Facebook.   In my book this is totally acceptable.   I think as long as your not showing off their wedding or photos of the bride and groom, you are in the clear to post that sexy photo of yourself on Facebook.

For those of you who are going to get married, its okay to let your guests know this unknown faux pas in advance.  I’ve seen some couples put a friendly reminder at the bottom of their ceremony programs or in small print at the bottom of the table numbers at each table during their reception dinner.  After the official wedding photos are up, everyone can go wild.

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