Ever Wonder What a Song Tastes Like?

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Ever Wonder What a Song Tastes Like?

Guests take their seats’, as Chef Brune, purees a secret concoction of herbs and oils. In a flash, the ingredients transform into a smooth, bright green sauce.

“I need those sunchokes, Rob!”

Rob, Head Chef of the Los Angeles Eco Caters, calls back to Nick as he sets wild sunchokes afire, with a blowtorch, in a bed of dried grass. Chef Brune paints the freshly concocted green sauce across a clean plate. They carefully reach into the fiery-grass, for the still-smoking sunchokes and delicately arrange them as the band’s violinist pokes her head into the kitchen to let them know they’re ready.

A mere four hours earlier, Nick was hiking through the Cowles Mountains foraging for these wild sunchokes. Now, they are the centerpieces of his first course in ongoing project he calls, SoundBite.

What is SoundBite you ask?

It’s a traveling pop-up dinner experience, showcasing the artistry of talented local chefs via the creation of six unique dishes. Each dish is accompanied with a live performance by the muse, pairing a truly unique dining experience, indulge all five senses.

Conceived four years ago, by local San Diego legend Chef Nick Brune, his deep love of music and food gave life to this artistic experience.  He has brought local chefs and musicians together to push food boundaries, by giving them a laboratory-like space, to delight intimate groups.

“Great food should be for everyone to experience. I really work hard to keep our ticket price as low as possible so that anyone can come and have a dining experience like this,” says Chef Brune. “It’s something I pride myself on.”

SoundBite guests’ are “blown away by dazzling food displays” and “delighted with tantalizing new flavors never before experienced.” During each course, a revolving door of experimental chefs, explain live, their creative process. They also teach you how their bespoke dish is to be enjoyed. Accompanied by their musical muse, every bite provides a one-of-a-kind experience that lingers in your mind and taste pallet. Close your eyes, and imagine smoky, spicy sauces paired with sultry, spicy salsa music emanating from the strings of a Latin guitarist…

Joining you on this culinary adventure is a wonderful group of adventures. Through the course of the evening you quickly become friends as you share craft spirits, stories, and partake in this unique experience of flavors and music.

Each SoundBite is Unique

“The beauty of SoundBite, is that each event is completely unique from the last” says Brune. “There is an endless list of incredibly successful chefs and musicians in our corner of the world. It doesn’t matter if this is someone’s first experience or they’ve been with us since the beginning, it’s always a fun adventure. I mean, how often do you get to eat art?”

If you’d like to experience a SoundBite Dinner for yourself, please visit their Facebook page. Tickets do sell out quickly, so don’t delay!

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