Two-day Church Event catered by Eco Caters, San Diego catering division, in La Jolla.

This private event took place in the gorgeous La Jolla area. For three days in a row, your San Diego catering staff put everything together to make that weekend perfect! In fact, it was! A great venue, around 300 guests, delightful food and a lot of fun!

From Friday lunch through Saturday lunch, every guest relaxed and had some great time enjoying your San Diego caterers, Eco Caters, creations (without any sesame or nut products, as required by our client).

Friday lunch was made up of our delicious farmers market salad including the best of the market greens and vegetables with our house vinaigrette dressing, as an entree. Then, the couple chose wraps as a main dish, so guests could enjoy some tasty grilled chicken wraps with white balsamic mustard, our house aioli, onion, tomato and herb mix, some grilled portabella wrap with onion, tomato, fresh herb mustard and some nice grilled pepper aioli and mixed greens. Some vegan options were also available, as your San Diego catering company surely has many different types of dishes – such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sesame/nut products free…

After such a lunch, your San Diego caterer put together a spectacular dinner! After a long afternoon, guests got to sample some great dishes such as our delicious pasture raised pineapple pork cooked with muscavado brown sugar, some Jidori chicken pakora and some grilled polenta with our tasty market veggie ragout. Sides were also available to accompany these main dishes – grilled farmers market vegetables, some coconut rice and some French beans with crispy shallot.

What a great first day for this church group! Every guest enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, the people… Waiting on another pleasant day to come, and of course still catered by Eco Caters, as San Diego caterer!

On Saturday, people gathered for lunch and got to try some mouthwatering food. On the menu, guests could find some appetizing grilled organic sirloin on ciabatta with caramelized onion, tomato, fresh herb mustard, and mixed greens (as well as some gluten-free and vegan options), some tasty grilled free range chicken breast on ciabatta accompanied with sun‐dried tomato, onion, basil pesto mayo and spinach, and at last some grilled summer squash on a French roll with grilled red pepper aioli and creole mustard.

Everyone was pleased to be able to eat such tasteful food in such wonderful place in San Diego.

San Diego caterers, Eco Caters, really had a great time catering this unusual but fun two-day event!

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