Uncorked Wine Walk and Concert

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Eco Caters, your organic San Diego catering team had so much fun at the ‘Uncorked Wine Walk and Concert’!  We met amazing people, rubbed elbows with fashionistas, and had a great day in the sun.  

The ‘Uncorked Wine Walk’ spread out over five distinct wine gardens at the Westfield UTC Mall, each highlighting bottles from California’s Temecula Valley wineries.  Wines were carefully paired with mouthwatering appetizers from our San Diego catering team, along with incredible cocktails by Snake Oil Cocktail Company.

All the wines served were provided by The Temecula Valley wineries, which is a collection of 31 vineyards growing over 50 varietals of grapes, joining together to support one another.  Along with fabulous wines, they also have delicious winery restaurants, intimate bed and breakfast inns, and lush resorts.

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ABOVE:  Our San Diego caterers served grilled mango rubbed with smoked pepper.  A simple appetizer with just enough kick to keep you on your toes.

Something that sets us apart from other San Diego caterers is our passion for all things organic and local.  Each and every dish we serve to our guests is FDA Organic, and carefully sourced from small local farms or neighborhood farmers markets.  Our San Diego catering team works hard to ensure that our clients receive the freshest ingredients Mother Nature can provide.

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Each of the wine gardens was designed with fun bursts of color by Rhapsody Rentals.  They cleverly decorated each space with pillows and artwork by the iconic pop-art of  Andy Warhol, creating buzz for the new Andy Warhol exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art.  Go see the exhibit before it’s too late!

Eco Caters, your organic San Diego caterer would like to acknowledge photographer Arlene Ibarra, for allowing us to share these lively photos from the event, decorations by Rhapsody Rentals, the beautiful flower arrangements by Flowers By Azalea, and the superb mixologists from  Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-06 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-07 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-14 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-04 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-03 catering san diego wedding cateringorganic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-12 catering san diego wedding cateringorganic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-02 catering san diego wedding cateringorganic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-16 catering san diego wedding cateringorganic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-15 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-11 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-17 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-01 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-05 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-09 catering san diego wedding catering organic-San-Diego-Catering-Eco-Caters-westfield-mall-Uncorked-wine-walk-and-concert-wine-tasting-in-san-diego-10 catering san diego wedding catering



San Diego Catering:  Eco Caters

San Diego Photographer:  Arlene Ibarra

San Diego Event Rentals:  Rhapsody Rentals

San Diego Flourist:  Flowers By Azalea

San Diego Cocktail Company:  Snake Oil Cocktail Co


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