Unique Ideas For Holiday Parties in San Diego

5 Unique Ideas For Holiday Parties in San Diego

Nothing gets us in the festive spirit as much as a good holiday party. Though we do love the classic holiday party with eggnog and Bing Crosby on the stereo, there’s something wildly fun about throwing a unique holiday party.

If you’re looking to throw a holiday party with a twist, San Diego is an excellent place to do so. With plenty of options for beautiful locations and so many restaurants and shops packed into each county, the city of San Diego is a holiday party playground.

Keep your guests on their toes this year with our top tips for unique holiday parties in San Diego. Put on your festive accessories, pour yourself a peppermint mocha, turn on your favorite holiday record, and let’s dive in. 

Dress-Up Party

Dress-up parties are always a good idea, especially during the holiday season! Halloween might get all the attention, but a holiday dress-up party during December is equally as fun. Keep things classic with a Mr. and Mrs. Claus party or get more creative by bringing in the elves, reindeer, and snowmen. You can even host a “polar plunge” at one of San Diego’s many local beaches and encourage guests to show up in their most festive swimwear. After the polar plunge, get bundled and huddle around the bonfire for holiday s’ mores complete with red and green candies. Whatever type of dress-up party you’re hosting, use it as a starting point for your theme, then add your unique flair with the location and details. 

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re hosting an adventurous group who likes to have fun, consider doing a scavenger hunt for your holiday party. Keep in line with the festive nature of the holidays by adjusting your scavenger hunt accordingly. There are many ways to plan the perfect scavenger hunt, and San Diego offers multiple communities that are ideal for doing so. Take guests to Little Italy and set them loose on a quest for holiday candies, surfing Santa figurines, and more. As with any good contest, crown the winner and celebrate with a sea of small gifts. Each participant can bring a gift under $5 — the winner takes all or, for a philanthropic twist, you can donate the gifts to a local charity.

Unique Location 

When it comes to holiday parties in San Diego, there are so many unique event venues and great locations. If you’re known to host an annual party for family and friends, or work colleagues, get creative with your locations as the years progress. One year you can host your holiday party in Balboa Park, the next year you can try a holiday beach picnic in North County. Take the festivities out onto the water with a holiday boat parade and encourage your guests to stay warm with an ugly sweater contest. Switching up your location is one of the easiest ways to keep your annual party guests entertained year after year. Once you nail down your location, you can have fun with your theme. Together, location and theme offer endless variations for holiday parties of all sorts that everyone can enjoy. 

Craft Day 

The holidays are the perfect time for getting cozy with a craft day. These days, more and more people are celebrating the changing seasons with all-day crafts. In San Diego, the weather is pleasant year-round, which means that craft days can be held outside at the park or in the backyard of the host. Hosting outside allows for there to be more room for messy crafts and crafting utensils, like paint and glue. If you ask around, many folks have holiday crafts they remember doing as a child. It is suggested to have a few key guests set up stations and be in charge of gathering the items needed. For instance,  there is one person who is in charge of a snowman sock craft, while another person hosts how to make a wine cork wreath. If you get guests involved in the process, they’ll be more excited about the party.

Paint and Sip

Nothing goes together quite like a paint and sip party. These parties are fantastic at any time of year but are especially unique during the holiday season. Work with a local San Diego painting instructor to come up with a whimsical idea for your party’s painting lesson. Maybe he or she can whisk guests away to the holiday festivals of Germany. With your holiday painting theme squared away, you can pair your beverages accordingly. Get festive with mulled wine with cinnamon, cloves, and oranges, or create a signature cocktail with cranberries and champagne. A paint and sip party encourages guests to get out of their comfort zone and do something new. As a result, they’ll leave feeling accomplished and excited. Just don’t forget the fancy tray-passed appetizers! 

When you’re on the hunt for holiday party ideas, San Diego offers creative and unique gatherings with plenty of holiday catering options. Sometimes, all it takes is thinking a little bit outside of the box and being willing to have fun with the planning process.  

Whether you are hosting a craft day or setting up an all-day scavenger hunt, we hope these ideas have gotten you excited for the upcoming holiday festivities.

At Eco Caters, we’d love to be a part of your celebration. If you decide that your paint & sip event needs some appetizers, or your craft day could use organic holiday catering, feel free to reach out. We specialize in brilliantly prepared dishes that pass the gourmet-guest taste test and highlight the bounty of Mother Nature. Whatever sort of party you’re hosting, our menus will promote wellness, good health, and plenty of festive holiday cheer.

From all of us at Eco Caters, wishing you a delicious holiday season ahead. We hope it’s filled with plenty of good laughs, good food, and of course — good company. 

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