Vegetarian Organic Buffet at Smog Shoppe for our Los Angeles Wedding Caterers

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Wedding Catering Division, one of the premiere vendors of the Smog Shoppe in Culver City.

Another lovely eco-friendly bride and groom hosts their wedding at the Smog Shoppe with our Los Angeles Wedding Catering Division. This time the weather was a little warmer then usual what with the cold weather we have been having in LA recently. It was a nice change for our team. The setup was as usual at this venue. A beautiful ceremony setting with recycled wood from demolition of the venue with a gorgeous back drop wall of flowers and plants. Their officiant was a dear close friend of the couple and their groomsmen brought their own instruments for when our sparkling bride made her way down the isle.

They truly utilized all their resources to make this event as intimate and green as possible. Not only with their guests but with all aspects. These are all great ways to save money and make your event more personal. Our Los Angeles Wedding Catering bartenders setup the bar with wine that the Father of Groom personally bottled. They used craft pins to direct guests to their respective tables. Once at the table a small plant was their gift to take home and put in their garden as a memory forever.

The bride and groom were a little particular with their menu being vegan and vegetarian. Our Los Angeles Wedding Caterers saw this as no challenge. During cocktail hour, guests enjoyed the fruits of labor that went into the wine and our Farmer’s Market Fruit Display with Local Honey along with our Antipasto that had all the fixings. After some dancing and mingling the guests were getting restless and wanted more so our Los Angeles Wedding Caterer opened the buffet. Raw Summer Vegetable Salad was our starter, then we went into Angel Hair Pasta Checca and Nuts about Mushrooms Pasta Penne. The sides were Garlic Mashed Potato and Grilled Asparagus, both of which our Los Angeles Caterer team could not keep enough of. To learn more about our vegan and vegetarian options see our Organic Menus at the top of this screen.

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