Vicky and Mike Wedding- Pasadena Catering


All Organic Catering- Pasadena Catering

Organic catering is Eco Caters specialty and at the wedding of Vicky and Mike on October 17th, 2009 we were able to showcase our many skills. It was held at the beautiful Japanese American Museum in Pasadena. The décor was exquisite, the colorful lanterns hanging from the walls was a perfect complement to the rest of the museum. Once the beautiful ceremony was completely, stationary hors d’oeuvres were set up in the courtyard. There was a chef’s choice cheese display with market fruit and preserves and vegetable crudités with roasted onion dip and house ranch.

While the bride and groom enjoyed conversation with their guests before dinner, more hors d’oeuvres were being tray passed. Those startes consisted of roasted chicken with avocado, sweet corn, and fermented black beans; grilled shrimp with mojo and pineapple; and asparagus with crispy jamon. The truffile grilled cheese seemed to be the favorite of all the appetizers, as guests were reaching for their second and thirds.

Organic catering can definitely impress those taste buds that have never had the pleasure of really exploring what local fresh ingredients can taste like. For dinner we served a stellar salad mix with pumpkin seed, shaved purple onion, tomato, and sweet pepper vinaigrette. The guests’ then had the\ choice between ancho crusted ribeye served with golden beets, horseradish, and chive; herb crusted chicken breast with truffled potato and grilled squash; and the vegetarian option, spaghetti squash with portobella chimmichurri. Although some guest were skeptical about an all organic wedding, after getting a taste of what Eco Caters had to offer, people were very pleased and many asked for business cards.

Apple pie is a favorite dessert of both the bride and groom, so after dinner warmed apple pie was served to all guests that chose to enjoy something sweet after a filling meal. The event photographer Rob Greer took many beautiful artistic pictures which can found on his website The wedding came to a conclusion with all guests dancing the night away, and a very satisfied bride and groom.  Eco Caters has been doing Pasadena Catering since they opened in 2007 and this was a very nice event.

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