Vintage Wedding Invitation Ideas

A fun collection of vintage inspired wedding invitations.

Nothing sets the first impression of your wedding like the wedding invitations.  The paper you choose… the fonts… the design… The wedding invitation sets the tone for your guests as to what kind of wedding they will be attending, and choosing the right invitation design can start off your special day with a little dazzle.

This season vintage era wedding invitations are in.  Victorian, to turn-of-the-century style wedding initiations, swirly fonts, and homemade paper stock are so much fun.  They add a romantic, timeless feel.

Here is a look book of some of our favorite vintage inspired wedding invitations to spark your creativity in designing your own wedding invitations!

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-04 catering san diego wedding catering

This vintage wedding invitation cohesively unites a high number of fonts.  It’s layout is simple yet elegant.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-02 catering san diego wedding catering

Here is another wedding invitation design with a great use of fonts.  The layout feels more reminiscent  of old ads from a newspaper.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-03 catering san diego wedding catering

Wedding invitations printed on vintage style paper with a nice patina turn boring postcard invitations into something fanciful.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-05 catering san diego wedding catering

Beautiful layout and detailed graphics create this elegant Victorian style wedding invitation.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-12 catering san diego wedding catering

This wedding invitation feels more of the 30’s and 40’s era and takes great use of baseball or theater ticket design.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-11 catering san diego wedding catering

Another great vintage ticket style wedding invitation.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-08 catering san diego wedding catering

The thick torn paper and twine set this vintage wedding invitation apart and would be ideal for a barn wedding or wedding reception utilizing unfinished wood gran tables or more of a western feel centerpieces.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-06 catering san diego wedding catering

Even though these edges are not truly burned, they add a dark richness to the wedding invitations.  Actually burning the edges of your wedding invitation may not seem like a practical added step but they would sure stand out.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-09 catering san diego wedding catering

This vintage wedding invitation is stunning.  the graphics trimmed with shades of purple really set this one apart.

Vintage-wedding-invitations-ideas-victorian-wedding-invitations-western-theme-wedding-invitations-cool-wedding-invitation-ideas-design-01 catering san diego wedding catering


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