Volkswagen Hosts Green Event in Los Angeles For 2013 Jetta Hybrid

Volkswagen hosts a green event for its 2013 Jetta Hybrid and our Los Angeles catering company was there to cater The Think Blue Championship!

Volkswagen has always made beautifully designed automobiles.  I’ve always admired the German companies approach to modern curves, simplicity, and its ability to design something fun.  Volkswagen seems to be leading the charge on a new generation of vehicles, clever ad campaigns, and a desire to take the company green.  Our Los Angeles catering team was hired by Blumberry, Germany’s leading marketing agency, to deliver an environmentally conscious menu for Volkswagen’s ‘Think Blue World Championship 2012’.

Volkswagen’s ‘Think Blue Championship’ started back in June of 2012 when the company released an online game that allowed players to try and drive a virtual car as efficiently as possible.  While most video games reward the heaviest foot, Volkswagen’s game rewarded players for getting the best gas mileage.  The top 18 gamers were rewarded the opportunity to fly out to California and put their virtual gas mileage to real-world tests, by driving 2013 Jetta Hybrids from San Francisco to the Santa Monica Pier.

Funny VW commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl:

Peter Thul, Head of Brand and Product Communications for Volkswagen, was excited about the new competition and the future of VW, “Think Blue is an expression of Volkswagen‘s corporate commitment to personal mobility while preserving the environment through clean, fuel-efficient vehicles, sustainable production and advanced technologies.”

After the drivers finally pulled into the Santa Monica Pier from their 400 mile drive, it was time to celebrate!  It had been a long and exciting day for everyone involved and it was time to eat, drink, and be merry.  Our Los Angeles catering company designed a menu that was both delicious, and environmentally conscious.  Our Los Angeles catering company always uses 100% local, organic and in season produce, and this event was no different.  We presented Volkswagen with our carbon footprint for the evening, which among other things, entailed tracing all the main ingredients of their meal (protein and vegetables) back to their source.

For our main course our Los Angeles caterers served dishes of braised beef brisket with tomato and garlic, creole style blackened catfish, and a spicy vegetarian Pad Thai with Lime, scallion, and Tamarind.  For sides Eco Caters served roasted Weiser Farm potatoes with marjoram and thyme, roasted cauliflower tossed with our House Mustard, grilled Farmer’s Market vegetables, and a creamy coconut rice
dessert.After our Los Angeles caterers served an assortment of local beers, wines and tray passed appetizers, guests were kindly escorted to their tables where our Chef Keith, had prepared an assortment of cheeses to display with Farmers Market fruit, preserves.  Garlic rubbed crostini was served with our homemade hummus trio, tabouli, olive salad, and our grilled flatbread.

Blumberry is responsible for planning events and the brand staging for Volkswagen, along with countless other companies, and we want to thank them, along with Volkswagen, for choosing us as their Los Angeles caterer.  Everyone we worked along side planning this event was such a pleasure to work with.  We enjoy what we do and it’s always nice to work with people who do the same.

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