Wedding at Embarcdero Marina Park

San Diego has some picturesque parks to tie the knot along its port, but one of the most popular is the Embarcdero Marina Park.  Whether you choose the north or the south side of the park, you are in a prime location surrounded by white beach, green grass, and spectacular view of downtown.  Eco Caters, your San Diego wedding catering team was on hand to serve our clients Tamara and Tim.

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Saturday, 3:00 PM

Tamara and Tim, along with their wedding party and their family, gather for a beautiful, breezy wedding ceremony at the Embarcdero Park in San Diego.

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3:16 PM

Tim leans in to kiss Tamara as friends and family erupt into cheers for the new couple.

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3:17 PM

Ice cubes clink into the bottom of a lowball glass as spirits, and club soda fizz to the top; cocktail hour jumps into full swing.

Your San Diego wedding caterers bring on decorated platters of choice Cheese, market fruits, and a homemade apricot preserve.  Guests were also offered a hummus trio, tabouli, an olive salad, all paired with our warm flatbread.  Our clients Tamara and Tim were also impressed with our antipasto with marinated artichoke, sweet peppers with wild arugula, Marinated Cherry Tomato with Mozzarella, and mixed olives, so, we were happy to add these items to their menu!

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4:10 PM

A guest falls in love with our roasted salsa trio with organic tortilla chips.

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5:15 PM

Our San Diego wedding catering team believes that each and every event we do should be start with the freshest all-organic ingredients.  Our clients Tim and Tamara also wanted to serve their wedding guests fresh Farmer’s Market vegetables, locally sourced meats, and everything organic.

As friends and family took their seats our San Diego wedding caters kicked off the “family style” reception dinner.  Ceramic bowls of deliciously prepared food where brought out straight from the kitchen and placed in the hands of hungry guests.

To start off, guests passed a bowl of wild arugula, mixed with Farmer’s Market vegetables, and finished with our Apple Cider Vinaigrette.

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5:27 PM 

For the main course our San Diego wedding caterers brought out a smoky braised short rib rubbed with annatto, orange, and garlic, our grilled corn polenta cakes with a root vegetable ragout, black truffle potato puree, and our always popular roasted asparagus marinated in fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Eco-Caters-best-san-diego-wedding-catering-wedding-venue-location-embarcadero-marina-park-north-south-all-organic-catering-caterer-01 catering san diego wedding catering

7:15 PM

First dance!  Tim held out his hand and escorted his new bride out onto the grassy dance floor for a romantic first dance.  After everyone had snapped their own photos to capture the moment, ladies ditched their heels, guys loosened their ties and joined in on the celebration.  Eco-Caters-best-san-diego-wedding-catering-wedding-venue-location-embarcadero-marina-park-north-south-all-organic-catering-caterer-04 catering san diego wedding catering

9:30 PM

A gentleman in a green tie officially has too much to drink.  But he was not alone 🙂

Eco-Caters-best-san-diego-wedding-catering-wedding-venue-location-embarcadero-marina-park-north-south-all-organic-catering-caterer-03 catering san diego wedding catering

9:50 PM

Last dance!  Everyone took to the dance floor for the last dance.

A special “Thank You!” to Tim and Tamara for choosing Eco Caters as their San Diego wedding caterer, and to David Su Photography for sharing his great wedding photography with our blog readers.  Until next time San Diego!


San Diego Wedding Caterer: Eco Caters

San Diego Wedding Location: Embarcdero Marina Park

San Diego Wedding Photographer: David Su Photography

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