Wedding Cocktail party in San Dieguito County Park.

It is in this gorgeous place in San Diego that our bride decided to have her reception, and she chose us, Eco Caters, as San Diego wedding caterers, to organize the nicest cocktail party everyone could hope for!

San Diego wedding catering opted for a non-alcoholic beverage station, featuring fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea and fresh mint-infused water.

Nearly eighty people were gathered on that day and really enjoyed the beautiful sun that was shining over everyone’s head…

At some point, San Diego wedding caterer decided to put the stationary Hors d’Oeuvres out. Thus, all guests could taste the great food prepared by Eco Caters chefs. San Diego wedding caterers then offered a mezze platter with hummus trio, tabouli, some olives salad and tasty grilled flatbread. Also were served some homemade antipasto featuring delicious marinated artichoke, sweet peppers with arugula, marinated cherry tomato with mozzarella and some mixed olives. At last, San Diego wedding caterer cooked three types of sliders which were the curry chicken salad with California golden raisins, the grilled eggplant with tomato, arugula and a nice marjoram aioli; and at last the smoked salmon with olivade and some sauce grabiche.

At the same time, San Diego wedding catering staff served some other tasty tray passed hors d’oeuvres. The bride made a selection of five different types which were the following: some truffled grilled cheese, the Thai chicken skewers with marjoram yogurt, the Argentinean lamb skewers with chimmi churri, the seared albacore served with orange grapefruit slaw and at last some fresh bruschetta with tomato concasse, avocado oil and preserved lemon.

San Diego wedding catering, Eco Caters, had a lot of fun working on that event, just as always. Cocktail parties are always a great way to gather people you love, by giving them the choice to eat just what they feel like…

All guests absolutely enjoyed their time at this wonderful venue and were really thankful to Eco Caters!

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