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Los Angeles Wedding Florals

Is any wedding really complete without beautiful flowers? Even if you’re not the biggest floral fan, flowers just give a wedding that decorative finishing touch that doesn’t have to be excessive. Even single blooms in strategic places can really pull a stunning wedding look together to add that little something extra that may be missing even with a beautiful wedding venue and organic catering.

The challenge is finding the right florist. Not all florists in Los Angeles will be the same or offer the same kinds of services. Some florists are only retail florists and not equipped for weddings. They might be great to order a pretty bouquet of beautiful flowers from, but a large order that has specific design and style specifics for your wedding may be beyond their capabilities. So, what kind of florists should you look for? There are really only two options. You can hire a floral designer, or you can hire an event designer.

Hiring a Floral Designer

If you only need help with choosing blooms and finding someone who can make creative, beautiful flower arrangements for an important occasion like centerpieces and table arrangements, bouquets, boutonnières, and other decorative elements you might like, a floral designer is the way to go. They will be the most knowledgeable about a wide selection of flowers.

They are the creative flower artists that can help you narrow down the types of flowers you want for your wedding, and decide what blooms go together the best to help create the unique design you envision. Wedding flowers in Los Angeles must be chosen with care so that they complement the overall style and vibe of your wedding. A great floral designer can help you do just that.

Hiring an Event Designer

If you need more than just help to choose flowers and to have someone arrange and style them, you may want to consider an event designer. Not only will they help with flowers and arrangements, but they can also help you with coordinating all the other elements that contribute to your wedding’s theme and style. This means there is definitely some crossover, but an event designer will also be able to help with items like linens, stationery, candles, table numbers and accents, and other sentimental touches that you want to be included in your decor.

For instance, maybe you want to honor a family member that can’t be there either because they are deceased or unable to make it. Maybe you want a special flower stand and photo displayed, or you want to add a little something decorative to each table. An event designer can help you with all the fine details so that your wedding design and theme looks beautifully pulled together.

Keep in mind that if you already have a wedding designer or are designing your own wedding, you may only need a floral designer. If that’s the case, it’s okay! You don’t want too many chefs in the proverbial kitchen since it will create chaos and confusion. Figure out what you need and move forward from there.

Establish Your Budget

Once you’ve figured out whether you want to go with a floral designer or event designer, you can begin planning your budget. Unless you’re absolutely mad about flowers, this is one area of your wedding you may be able to cut some corners on to lower your overall costs. You definitely don’t want to skimp when it comes to hiring a good wedding catering because people will always remember great food. You also don’t want to skimp on memory-making essentials like a wedding photographer and DJ. You decide where you want to make cuts if you need to lower costs somewhere.

You might allocate 5-10% of your total budget to blooms and then see where that leaves you. You can also cut costs by planning your wedding on a date that isn’t a major holiday, using less expensive flower choices, or choosing fresh blooms that are in-season. You can see if there is a way you can use the flowers in your ceremony during the reception.

Arm Yourself With Images

Don’t leave your wedding vision to chance. Sure, you can describe exactly what you envision as far as flowers and decor to your florist, but they may interpret your vision differently. It’s a much better use of your time to curate some images of flowers you like, floral arrangements you like, and wedding designs and themes you like. Then, use those to help communicate what you want.

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to planning a wedding. People aren’t mind-readers and they can’t download what you see inside your brain. But you can show them photos and give them an excellent starting point. You should also make sure you bring a cloth swatch of your dress and photos of everyone’s attire. This will help your florist match flower colors to fit your color scheme.

Review Floral Proposals

You should get proposals from more than one floral designer and compare what’s included in the price. Many florists will put together more than one option, laying out the difference between having the bells and whistles and just the bare bones.

Many wedding florists in Los Angeles will be more than willing to mix and match options to customize a package just for you. Ask and see what they can offer. Compare the different proposals from each of your vendors to figure out which one suits your needs the best. From there, it’s just a matter of drawing up the contract.

Once you’ve hired a caterer, commissioned your photographer, and lined up your DJ, hiring a florist is like the crowning touch. Find the one that offers the best bang for your buck and that matches your tastes.


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