Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles

Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles

Other than hiring an excellent wedding catering company and a topnotch DJ and MC, hiring a wedding photographer is probably one of the most important vendors on your wedding checklist.

We propose that a wedding is only as good as the memories you make that day and it’s why we offer our customers organic catering packages. The best way to capture those memories is by hiring one of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles you can find.

You want a wedding photographer that is experienced at shooting those special moments that take your breath away. If you don’t tear up when you are looking at your wedding photos, something may be missing. Here are some tips to hire wedding photographers in LA.

Start The Hunt Early

Finding a photographer is a process that should be started well before the big day because many photographers book out months in advance, if not longer. You also have to be selective with the photographer you choose. You are capturing memories for a lifetime, so you need to find an amazing photographer that suits your tastes and artistic style.

You also want to like your photographer. After all, they will be right there in the background through your entire wedding and even beforehand if you use them for engagement photos. So, find someone you get along with.

Consider Your Style and Venue

Everyone has personal tastes when it comes to art and photography. Some couples really like moody, sexy shots. Other couples like bright, romantic shots. Some couples prefer a more formal vibe to their wedding photos, while others dig more of a lifestyle feel with candid moments captured or want all of the photography in black and white.

The best place to start is by browsing different wedding magazines, curating wedding photos on social media sites and blogs, and create a little collection of beautiful photos and shots that inspire you. You can use these as you look around for your photographer and compare some of them to the styles you find in their portfolios.

Your wedding venue should also factor into your photographer decision. Some photographers shoot a lot of outdoor weddings. If your wedding is not outdoors and happens to be in a room with dim mood lighting, you need to have a photographer that knows how to get great shots in that type of setting. If they can’t, you should look for a different one. Even though ideally professional photographers should be able to get good shots in any type of venue and lighting environment, the reality is that not all may be able to do so.

It’s a good idea to share those wedding pictures that inspired you with potential photographers so they have a visual of you’re looking for. Many photographers excel in more than one style of photography and are happy to offer you a mix of different styles and shots.

If you’re very attached to a particular style, don’t be afraid to hunt until you find the photographer that’s the perfect match. You’re paying good money for someone to photograph memories you’ll keep for a lifetime, so you want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want–don’t settle.

Flesh Out a Budget

It does no good to shop around for Los Angeles wedding photographers without a budget in mind. It’s heartbreaking to find a photographer you absolutely adore, only to find out they won’t fit the budget. Know what you’re willing to spend before you even begin looking.

With that said, a photographer is probably one of the few areas in a wedding worth the extra splurge, outside of catering and music. Again, you are capturing memories meant to last a lifetime. You want them to be really good ones that you’re 100% happy with. This only happens by hiring a skilled photographer. Professional photographers are worth their weight in gold and charge accordingly.

Most wedding photographers offer a variety of different packages to suit different budgets. Once you have a firm budget in hand, you can begin approaching photographs to see what kind of packages they offer. Many may be willing to customize a package as well depending on your needs.

Do a Meet and Greet

If your wedding photographer isn’t willing to meet with you in person before hiring them, you should probably find another. There’s nothing quite like meeting face-to-face to see how well you vibe together. You don’t have to be friends with your photographer, but it’s a good idea to choose the one you think you can work well with. A good relationship and camaraderie between you, your spouse-to-be, and your photographer will come out in the photos.

If you can’t meet up face-to-face because of busy schedules, but your photographer is willing to meet via Skype or FaceTime chat, that could suffice. At least you get to talk, look each other in the eyes, and get a good sense of how you will work together. You are trusting your photographer to capture some of the most important moments of your life, so you have to make sure that trust is well-placed.

Choosing wedding photographers in Los Angeles is a big decision.  When it comes to planning a wedding, the right music and DJ, food catering, and photographer are all key components that help to set a mood and creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

It’s well worth it to make sure you hire the best wedding photographer in Los Angeles to capture the best moments of your big day. If you’re interested in learning more about services like affordable catering in Los Angeles, contact Eco Caters today.


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