6 Things To Know When Planning A Wedding

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Planning a wedding? Here are six things everyone needs to know when planning a wedding.

Create a Wedding Email Address

My wife and I were planning our wedding we created a new email account. It was only used for planning our wedding. It was one of the best things we ever did. We could both see new incoming emails, we created a bunch of spreadsheets on google docs, and we could share it with our wedding coordinator without worrying about exposing our private stuff. It was also kind of creative picking out a name together. Little things like that make wedding planning fun.

Ask Guests to Turn Off Their Phones

Weddings and phones do not mix. There are so few moments in life that are free of cell phones. Asking your guests to politely turn off their phones for one day out of the year is not asking much. There’s nothing worse than hearing a phone during your wedding ceremony or getting your wedding photos back to see that everyone’s holding their phone up to take photos. In fact, your guests will probably enjoy an excuse to turn off their phone for a change.

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Hire a Day-Of Coordinator to Handle Your Wedding

We are all competent people in one form or another but trust me, you don’t want to be dealing with little details on the day of your wedding. Put all that in someone else’s hands! Your wedding day should be as carefree as it can. Let your wedding coordinator worry about your florist arriving ten minutes late. Weddings run so smooth with someone making things happen behind the scenes.

Don’t Invite Toxic People To Your Wedding

Weddings bring out the best and sometimes the worst in people. We all know them and we all have them in our lives. They are the people who might be offended or make a stink because they were not invited to your wedding. They are the toxic distant relative or drama queen from college. It’s much easier hearing them grumble months later than having them make a scene in front of your guests or argue with the bartender.

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Read Every Contract Before Signing It

Nobody wants to arrive on the big day to find your wedding venue doesn’t allow wax candles or that dreamy sparkler exit you had planned. Ready your contracts! Every single one of them. Make sure you know what you’re being charged for and that everything is accounted for. You don’t want any surprises with your vendors.

Plan Nothing The Day After Your Wedding

You’re probably going to have a lot of company and out of town family members around after your wedding, but trust me, don’t make post wedding plans with anyone but your new spouse. People will try and make post wedding plans with you too. It’s okay to say no. In fact, you should say no. You just got married! The amount of work that went into making your wedding possible is going to exhaust you. You two deserve to hide out and tell everyone else to leave you alone. If someone needs to plan something with you, they can wait a day.

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And remember, have fun on your wedding day!

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