Wedding Tip: Ditch Those Table Numbers!

Add a dose of personality to your wedding by loosing those table numbers and replacing them with something more, YOU.

Every bride and groom wants to have a wedding brimming with style and this one gets some high marks.  Carmen and Garcia dazzled their guests for this Smog Shoppe wedding by using some cool blue table runners, accented with bright red linin napkins, and topped off with yellow Craspedia flowers. But the way the couple used a Beatles album to signify each table over using a number system is what made this wedding fun.  It’s such a simple and unique idea!

I liked this idea so much that I made sure to incorporate it into my own wedding, except my wife and I wanted to label each table with one of our favorite bands instead.  We had the Beatles as one table, Bob Dylan as another and for a fun play on words we had Radiohead designated as our head table.

Add a little personality to your wedding by straying from those boring table numbers and add your own flair.  It can be anything.  Movies you enjoy, a list of your favorite beers, actors, artists, paintings, sports teams, states or countries you have special memories with, an Angry Bird for each table, the list goes on and on.

As always, our Los Angeles Eco Caters team would like to thank Carmen and Garcia for letting us be apart of their beautiful wedding.  Your families were so lovely and we had such a great time serving all of you.  Best wishes!

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