Weiser Family Farms

For about 6 years Sid and Raquel Weiser ran Weiser Family Farms as an orchard. They grew apples, peaches and pears. It was their son Alex who got them into the world of root veggies.

While assisting at the local Farmers’ Market, Alex encountered chefs, the public and specialty produce buyers who wanted seasonal, high quality and superior tasting produce. Listening to this input, Alex began to focus on creating a bio-diverse farm dedicated to applying sustainable farming techniques. His overriding desire was to supply people with unique fruits and vegetables at their peak, rather than picked for commercial usage. Today, Weiser Family Farms grows in the Greater Bakersfield area, Tehachapi and the Lucerne Valley, cultivating a tapestry of high quality produce year round.

Weiser Family Farms is, and has always been, a family farming entity in the true sense of the word. You can count on them to put as much care and effort into serving you as they do in selecting and growing their unique, locally grown produce.

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