We’re Celebrating the LGBT Court Ruling Today!

Sandy-Stier-and-Kris-Perry-kiss-their-son-Elliot-Perry-after-they-were-married-at-San-Francisco-City-Hall-by-California-Attorney-General-Kamala-Harris-Photo-Getty-Images catering san diego wedding cateringAs an LGBT-friendly catering company in southern California, we are so excited that the Supreme Court today has responsibly taken action to forward the gay rights movement! 

Our catering company has catered and coordinated many gay and lesbian weddings over the years in the Los Angeles and the San Diego area, and it was heartbreaking to talk with our clients who were excited and ready to get married, only to have it stripped away from them these last few years with the passing of Proposition 8.  I know we all felt helpless.

That’s why today is such a special day for all of us!!!  The Supreme Courts overruling of this polarizing law is no more!  We look forward to cheering a little bit louder at the next wedding we coordinate, and take pride in knowing that our voices are being heard, and that we are making a difference.

Pictured Above:  Sandy Stier (L) and Kris Perry (R) kiss their son Elliot Perry (C) after they were married at San Francisco City Hall by California Attorney General Kamala Harris Photo: Getty Images

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