What to Look for in a Healthy Catering Company

What to Look For in a Healthy Catering Company

If you’re on the hunt for a healthy catering company for your next event, you’re probably wondering what are your options.

Between sustainable practices, organic foods, and a dedication to seasonal ingredients, there are lots of elements to consider when hiring a healthy catering company. We’ve put together a guide complete with tips, so you can know what to look for when hiring a reputable catering company for your next event. 

If you focus on hiring a company who cares, you’re more likely to enjoy all the advantages of healthy food catering, such as thoughtfully prepared dishes, and chef-driven menus.  At Eco Caters, we believe this all starts with wholesome ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious.

Sustainable Practices

As a full-service organic catering business, we’re dedicated to sustainable business practices. Here are a handful of qualities of what to look for in a healthy catering company, to ensure that you’re getting a healthy and reputable service.

Responsible Sourcing

When businesses are sourcing responsibly, it means they are purchasing plant and animal products that product the community and the environment. Not only are they sourcing their food responsibly, but they’re sourcing products responsibly as well. This often means opting out of materials like plastic and styrofoam and going with green materials instead. As the consumer, this type of dedication means that the food you’re eating will be healthier and more high-quality.

Public Health

When companies are focused on sustainable practices, it means that they believe food should not harm human health. Food should be safe for those who are consuming it, as well as the farmers who grow and produce it. To go with a sustainable company means that the company cares about others’ well being — and that you, as the customer, care too. 

Direct Connection

A sustainable and healthy catering company will have a direct connection with those who grow the food. The catering company might have an organic garden or may work directly with local farmers and product makers to ensure they’re getting the best products possible for their clients. 

Organic Food 

To eat organically is to eat sustainably. Companies that are focused on sustainable living are also often focused on organic ingredients. Organic farms require organic certification approved by the USDA. Organic food avoids the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives. As we like to say, organic is the new power meal. 

Seasonal Ingredients

When you research healthy food catering near me, you’ll probably dive into information about the importance of seasonal ingredients. Eating seasonally used to be second nature to humans. People ate what they had when it was available to them, and at its peak in flavor and texture. When grocery stores began to ship ingredients from around the world, it became common to eat foods that were out of season, because we had easy access to them.

The Nutrients

When you eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, they have more nutrients. When out of season foods are picked, they don’t have as much time to ripen and develop. Some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can get are grown locally or right in your garden. As a healthy catering company, we’re excited about how nutrient-dense in-season foods can be.

The Environment

Eating seasonally isn’t just important for the consumer; it’s important for the environment. When vegetables and fruits are grown in the correct climate, at the right time, they don’t need to be shipped. You can walk down the street and grab fresh strawberries straight from a farm stand instead of eating berries that have required car or plane transportation.

The Taste

Let’s talk about the taste of seasonal ingredients. We all know how sweet summer strawberries taste and how crisp Spring snap peas are. That’s because they’re in season! Produce that’s in season is riper, sweeter, more crisp and crunchy. When a catering company is enthusiastic about the taste of seasonal ingredients, the results will show in the flavors of the plated dishes. 

What Eco Caters Offers

At Eco Caters, we offer brilliantly prepared dishes that pass the gourmet-guest taste test and serve Mother Nature. From coast to coast, we are dedicated to sustainability and organic foods.

When Executive Chef Nick Brune and his wife, Emily, started Eco Caters, they launched their organic-food catering company in Southern California, one of the most competitive markets in the U.S. Over a decade later, our healthy catering company is thriving on the West and East Coasts. 

We have teams in Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as Washington DC, and we pride ourselves on high-quality, sustainable catering. If you’re curious where can I find healthy food catering near me — we hope the answer is right here, with Eco Caters.

This is what we’re passionate about:

  • Preparing tasty dishes based on fresh, in-season, certified organic ingredients
  • Creating menus intended to promote good health and wellness
  • Supporting farmers who follow sustainable food practices
  • Sourcing from our in-house herb garden
  • Fresh, sustainable seafood sourced primarily in California or the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Utilizing surplus-gleaning programs
  • Pickling, drying and employing other techniques that make the best use of vegetable stems and peels
  • Participating in composting programs
  • Partnering in cooking oil waste recycling programs
  • Recycling paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic
  • Limiting water usage through reusable cold packs and freezer sheets
  • Offering compostable plates, utensils, and cups (and other required disposables) for food deliveries
  • Driving fuel-efficient vehicles for deliveries

Whether we’re catering a wedding or corporate parties, we’re on a mission to design custom menus that delight the taste buds of our clients and their guests, with all your healthy catering ideas in mind. We’re proud to use certified organic ingredients that are locally grown in California and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Our chefs are passionate about their craft, and produce their menus around dishes that highlight organic, seasonal, and local ingredients. From plated vegetarian dinners to organic Thai buffets, our menus provide delicious food accessible for everyone.

If you’re looking for a healthy catering company who cares, reach out to us today. We’d love to work together to fine-tune your vision and create a beautiful event.

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