When’s The Last Time You Went on a Picnic?

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For those of us with hectic schedules, a picnic is a great mini-vacation and a great way to reconnect with the family or our partner.

The first usage of the term pique-nique hails from 1692. Picnic is actually based on the verb piquer, which means ‘pick’ or ‘peck’ with the rhyming nique meaning “thing of little importance.”

Regardless of its painfully boring history there’s something romantic in the fact that nothing has really changed. Picnics are still enjoyed the same way they were centuries ago with a cozy blanket, a little food, and a relaxing outdoor view. Picnics also offer an inexpensive way to take a break, slow down, and enjoy the moment with your kids or partner.

Over the years my wife and I have become little picnic professionals. We go on some many that we have a little system down. Often we find a simple half hour picnic is the most memorable part of our week and we wish more couples and families were out there fancied them.


First things first, you need a simple picnic kit in your car at all times. Trust me, you have no idea how nice it is at a moments notice. My wife and I have a cool old wool blanket, a couple forks, a little cutting board, a dull yet workable knife, and a couple books ready to go at the drop of a hat. If you live within distance of a beach a towel and flip-flops are also convenient.

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Picnic food for us goes in two completely different directions. We either enjoy making everything from scratch (egg salad, pasta salad, sandwiches, deserts, etc), or, we drop by the grocery store deli on our way out and grab cured meats, cheeses, fruits, baguette and premade goodness. It’s also not against the rules to grab takeout; we used to think that was cheating but we quickly got over that. The key is to make it easy on you.


Yes you do! The true secret to picnics is to be spontaneous with them and frequent. Picnics are not meant for next weekend or some ideal summer day, they’re meant for the moment. Park the car on the way home or layout on the living room rug tonight. We all need a break from our gadgets and our work and picnics are remarkable at pulling us back into the moment and reconnecting with the people that matter most.

You don’t have to stop at simple. The picnic can be as elaborate and as creative as you’d like.  Here’s a collection of fun picnic inspired images!

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