Wine Pairing Holiday Dinner with Eco Caters Organic Cuisine

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, does a wine pairing for a repeat client.

Our Los Angeles Catering Division handles all sorts of requests. When one of our regulars contacts us to put together a menu to go along with various wines, we are delighted to accommodate. There are two ways to go about putting together a wine pairing dinner party. One way is to: Step 1: purchase the wine and provide the varietals or blends to your chef making sure to include any allergies or food requests. Step 2: Your chef creates the menu for your to review for approval. The other way is to Step 1: Ask your chef to put together the menu with your specific needs and provide varietal suggestions. Step 2: Shop for your wines. Easy!

For this dinner party our Los Angeles Catering Chef provided the menu and made suggestions on the varietal. Side note: When you have an event such as this, you want to be sure you have enough glassware for each course. It is very important to change the glass. Here we go!!

Course 1: Mojo Shrimp with Pineapple and Chive – Crisp Sauvignon Blanc

Course 2: Truffled Grilled Cheese – Buttery Chardonnay

Course 3: Argentinean Lamb Skewer with Chimmi Churri – Rose

Course 4: Wild Arugula with Smit Farms Apples, Pumpkin Seeds, and Apple Cider Vinaigrette – Dry Riesling

Coming out of the kitchen next was the main dishes and sides which were served Family Style by your Los Angeles Caterer. This way the guests were able to take what they wanted in the portion size they wanted. The suggested wines for this portion was Cabernet Sauvignon, Rioja or Tempernillo. The dishes that our Los Angeles Caterers presented were Herb Crusted Stand-up Rib Roast with Red Wine Pan Sauce, Grilled Salmon with Smoked Chili, Sauteed Winter Greens, and Truffle Cauliflower Gratin.

The final Course that your Los Angeles Caterer set out was dessert: Homemade Cheesecake with Grandma’s Drinking Chocolate. This dessert pairs very nicely with Framboise.

So, next time you are searching for wine pairing ideas and have concerns or questions, contact Eco Caters, your organic Los Angeles Caterer. [email protected]

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