Your Los Angeles Catering team hits the beach in Malibu, CA for a Thanksgiving Dinner

Eco Caters, Los Angeles Catering Division, was busy this week prepping for this amazing Thanksgiving feast

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving this year were pretty hot in Southern California, but once the Monday before hit, so did the cold. Some of our events were moved to inside rather then on patios, this event included. Your Los Angeles Catering crew did not worry one bit being the starters that were getting ready to come out. Baked Brie with Roasted Macadamia Nuts and Homemade Preserve, Duck Confit Spring Rolls with Apricot Mustard and finally our Mezze Platter with Hummus Trio, Tabouleh Salad, Olive Medley and Fresh Pita. Is your mouth watering yet? I know your Los Angeles Caterer had lots of fun with this meal.

Moving into the main course which was served family style and perfect for a gathering of 15 people. The salad they chose was the Farmer’s Market Herb Mix of Pumpkin Seed, Shaved Purple Onion, Beylik Farms Cucumber, and Sweet Pepper Vinaigrette. The main dishes were that of kings being your Los Angeles Caterers Creole Injected Fried Turkey with Giblet Gravy and Coriander & Dried Mushroom Dusted Leg of Lamb with Zinfandel Reduction. The sides also did a little twist on tradition of Southern Yams and Vegan Corn Bread Stuffing. Our Los Angeles Caterers did not stop there. After a short break the dessert of Cardamom Scented Creme Brulee came out continuing to keep the guests warm.

With this meal, your Los Angeles Caterer, also took care of a small item, the center pieces. Growing Wild ( of Manhattan Beach came through at the last moment with gorgeous arrangements fitting the black, white and red theme of the day. – Thank you GW!

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