DC Preferred Vendor List

This is our trusted list of go-to vendors that we love to work with and never hesitate to recommend. All vendors listed are tried and tested so take your pick with confidence.


Company: Select Event Group
Contact Name: Drew Cameron
Email Address: dcameron@selecteventgroup.com
Phone Number: (301) 812-3498
Website: http://www.selecteventgroup.com/
Company: DC Rental
Contact Name: Liz Waylan
Email Address: lwaylan@dcrental.com
Phone Number: (703) 675-4764
Website: https://dcrental.com/
Company: Party Rental LTD.
Contact Name: Loren R. Lippman
Email Address: lorenl@partyrentalltd.com
Phone Number: (301) 931-4580
Website: https://www.partyrentalltd.com/
Company: Sammies Rentals & Tenting
Email Address: info@sammiesrental.com
Phone Number: (703) 361-6261
Website: http://www.sammysrental.com

Lighting, Design & Entertainment

Company: John Farr Lighting and Design
Contact Name: John Farr
Email Address: john@johnfarrlighting.com
Phone Number: (301) 390-2728
Website: https://johnfarrlighting.com/about-us
Company: Snap Entertainment
Contact Name: Nick Lee
Email Address: sales@snapentertainment.net
Phone Number: (240) 386-8042
Website: https://snapentertainment.net/


Company: Pete Redel Photography
Contact Name: Pete Redel
Email Address: info@peteredel.com
Phone Number: (410) 493-2084
Website: https://peteredel.com/
Company: Jessica Smith Photography
Contact Name: Jessica Smith
Email Address: jessicasmithphotography@gmail.com
Phone Number: (703) 927-9636
Website: https://jessicasmithphotography.com/
Company: Captured by Elyse (photography and videography)
Contact Name: Elyse Cosgrove
Email Address: hello@elyseeseye.com
Phone Number: (480) 330-7547
Website: https://capturedbyelyse.com
Company: Jon Fleming Photography
Contact Name: Jon Fleming
Email Address: jonflemingphotography@gmail.com
Phone Number: (703) 209-0175
Website: http://www.jonflemingphotography.com/


Company: Evocent Images
Phone Number: (571) 386-1819
Website: https://evocentimages.com/


Company: Urban Stems
Contact Name: Cody
Email Address: care@urbanstems.com
Phone Number: (202) 740-8483
Website: https://urbanstems.com/
Company: Little Shop of Flowers
Contact Name: Sefika
Email Address: littleshopofflowers@gmail.com
Phone Number: (202) 386-2255
Website: http://www.littleshopofflowersdc.com/
Company: Bend in the River Farm
Contact Name: April Reardon
Email Address: info@bendintheriverfarm.com
Phone Number: (301) 524-5235
Website: https://bendintheriverfarm.com/wildflower-weddings


Company: Growing Foods Baking Company Co.
Contact Name: Yael Uhr and Suri Piro
Email Address: yael@growingfoodsbaking.com, suri@growingfoodsbaking.com
Phone Number: (202) 213-9364
Website: https://www.growingfoodsbaking.com/catering
**This is a ALL vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free bakery!
Company: Sweet Treats DMV
Contact Name: Tawonda Boyd
Email Address: Tawonda@sweettreatsdmv.com
Phone Number: (240) 847-4183
Website: https://www.sweettreatsdmv.com
Company: Lyon Bakery
Contact Name: Alan Hakimi
Email Address: alan@lyonbakery.com
Phone Number: (202) 484-4430
Website: lyonbakery.com
Company: Chaos Cakes and Confections, LLC (Day of Coordination/Cakes)
Contact Name: Beth Norford
Email Address: chaoscakesmail@gmail.com
Phone Number: (703) 856-5030
Website: https://www.chaoscakesandconfections.com

Gelato Cart

Company: Dolci Gelati
Contact Name: Gianluigi Dellacio
Email Address: dolcigelati@gmail.com
Phone Number: (202) 257-5323
Website: https://www.dolcigelati.net/


Company: Bialek’s Music
Contact Name: Ray Bialek
Email Address: Ray@bialeksmusic.com
Phone Number: (301) 340-6206
Website: https://bialeksmusic.com/
Company: Showpow Entertainment
Contact Name: Mike Krowe
Email Address: mike@showpowevents.com
Phone Number: (703) 927-5682


Company: First Response Staffing
Contact Name: Mike Glaubitz
Email Address: Mike@firststaffllc.com
Phone Number: (240) 832-1753
Website: www.fiststaffllc.com


Company: Tag B
Contact Name:
Email Address: info@tagbgroup.com
Phone Number: (202) 234-7775
Website: https://tagbgroup.com


Company Name:
Contact Name: Kathy Gracenin (The Wedding Pro-Officiant)
Email Address: kathygracenin@gmail.com
Phone Number: (724) 699-2217