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We are an organic-focused, family-owned catering and event design team excited to share our table with you. With catering in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and San Diego, we offer exceptional catering services for every special occasion. We believe in seasonal catering menus sourced from local fields and pastures. Our passion for handpicked, organic ingredients shines through in each and every bite. If you’re hungry for classic cuisine or adventurous enough to try something a little more avant-garde, Eco Caters is here to serve you.

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You’ll find that we provide the same great service from all our kitchens, but we do appreciate that there are differences in our clientele and their needs. That’s why we’re one of the best catering companies Washington, D.C. has to offer, with services in Los Angeles and San Diego as well.

Small team. Big Ideas. Your secret weapon in event creation. We understand the tug-of-war between your wallet and your dreams. We know the mounting pressure businesses can feel to create a memorable first impression. Whether you’re looking for catering services in San Diego, party catering in Los Angeles or event assistance in DC, all you have to do is breathe… our team has you covered.

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Have a venue in mind? Chances are, we already have a reputation with them. From the unconventional to the most popular venues around, we’ve worked there. With over ten years of experience, we can guide you through your search and share our insider tips to ensure your event is incredible.

Feeling overwhelmed? Unsure where to begin? Have a look at our select Eco Caters’ approved venues. With a little something for everyone, we are constantly growing and grooming our list to keep up with the trendiest venues in Washington, D.C. and Southern California.

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If our relationships with community farmers were any closer, it would be inappropriate! We pride ourselves on our intimacy with organic growers and we do our homework on sustainable ingredients. Conscious cooking is a year-round duty we vow to our customers and Mother Nature herself. For you, this guarantees food with more flavor, using seasonal ingredients that not just taste delicious but are bursting with natural goodness.

Never chosen a menu before? Fear not, our expert team with keen palates will guide you through the journey of creating a feast that tastes as exceptional as it looks.

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Now every day can be a special occasion with our award-winning Simply Lunch program. Winner of a San Diego Magazine’s ‘Best of 2018’ award, it’s your chance to treat your staff to delicious corporate catering and healthy brain fuel. You set the price point, number of meals (minimum of 20), and our kitchen will deliver delicious organic lunches.

You’ll also love our ‘Chef’s Choice’ option whereby we handpick the best seasonal produce from our favorite California farms and neighborhood farmers markets to create a one-of-a-kind lunch.

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