best wedding venues in san diego


09 Sep: Corporate Yacht Club

  VENUE:  Corporate Yacht Club STYLE:  Yacht MAX CAP: 49 Passangers ADDRESS:   437 J St. San Diego, CA WEBSITE: CONTACT:   This 63 foot Yacht is a fun, classy venue for all sort of auspicious occasions.  If you’re searching for an intimate venue look know further.  The…


08 Sep: Chere Amie Yacht

  VENUE:  Chere Amie STYLE:  Yacht/Boat Venue MAX CAP: 140 Passengers ADDRESS:   1901 N. Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 92101 WEBSITE: CONTACT:   There is no wedding venue more adventurous than climbing aboard a Yacht and setting sail for the sun.  This completely renovated, two level yacht docks conveniently…