green catering


04 Sep: The Frontier Project

  VENUE:  The Frontier Project STYLE:  Green Building/ Conference Rooms MAX CAP:  120 People ADDRESS:  10440 Ashford St. Rancho Cucamonga, CA WEBSITE: CONTACT: The Frontier Project is a nonprofit with a 14,200-sq-ft LEED platinum certified demonstration building dedicated to educating the community on sustainable living practices.  It is a great space for hosting…


14 Aug: A Canyon Full Of Smiles

Kristi and Kevin are always full of smiles.  Their whole family is!  In fact, they filled an entire canyon with smiles the other weekend when they had their wedding ceremony at the Bandy Canyon Ranch, just outside of San Diego.  Our San Diego wedding coordinator, Emily, and her all-organic wedding…


13 Jun: Get Your Wedding Vow Renewed!

Our Orange County wedding caterers dish up and coordinate a beautiful backyard wedding vow renewal.   Our clients tell us what they want and our team pulls together to deliver.   It’s becoming more and more common for couples to renew their wedding vows, and why not!  It’s a romantic…