22 Oct: Happy Birthday!

Our all-organic, Los Angeles catering company classed up a private birthday party last weekend. It’s fun to have a Los Angeles catering company come in and cater special events at your home  It lets you relax and spend more time with your guests;  Plus it adds a bit of class…


08 Oct: Coffee Press

Wise Coffee wrote a very nice review of Eco Caters this month in their online magazine, Coffee Talk: “ECO Caters is by far one of the most amazing caterers in all of Los Angeles. This is a big statement for a foodie town like LA.  We say this not only because of…


13 Sep: Wise Coffee

Eco Caters is proud to announce our new partnership with Wise Coffee.  We now provide Wise Coffee at all of our Los Angeles area events. Wise Coffee is 100% organic and that’s important to us here at Eco Caters.  We like to see our venders holding themselves to the same…