Los Angeles Catering & The Smog Shoppe

Our Los Angeles catering company, Eco Caters, is right across the street from the Smog Shoppe making your catering events that much more simple.

Ashley and Aaron held their wedding ceremony and reception at the fashionable Smog Shoppe (just south of I-10 on La Cienega Blvd).  The Smog Shoppe also happens to be right across the street from our Office!  Score!  Your all-organic Los Angeles caterer caters tons of events at the Smog Shoppe and since our kitchen is only thirty steps away event planning is a breeze.

The couple wanted to go all out on appetizers for their guests during cocktail hour and since our Los Angeles catering branch was so close, Eco Caters was able to take advantage of our full kitchen and prepare some special treats.  Something other Los Angeles caterers may not have the luxury of doing.

Our all-organic Los Angeles catering company shucked three choice oysters of differing origins: our local California oyster, a northern west coast variety and a popular Japanese oyster. The trio was complimented with our hot and savory horseradish sauce, a traditional mignonette, and a zippy cocktail sauce.  It’s the extra steps our team takes to set us apart from any other Los Angeles caterer.

Along with the oyster bar guests were offered hummus, tabouli, a colorful olive salad, grilled flatbread, marinated artichoke, and our seared Albacore with an orange grapefruit slaw.  But the true crowd pleaser of the night was our fresh-from-the-oven Mini Beef Wellingtons with house-made ketchup and our sweet apricot mustard.  These juicy morsels do a wonderful job of tiding guests over until dinner and pair well with hoppy beers or a glass of pinot noir.

Ashley and Aaron did a wonderful job putting their wedding together and choosing Eco Caters all organic food over other Los Angeles cateres.  Planning their wedding in late autumn instead of the high season of spring and summer is a great way to take advantage of lowered rates and a more flexible schedule for wedding vendors.  The weather in southern California is just right too!  Last weekend was one of those mild weathered weekends perfectly tailored for an outdoor wedding; just warm enough to enjoy the sunshine yet cool enough to avoid sweating like a Coke bottle at a BBQ.

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