Eco Caters Locations

Eco Caters is at your service with event catering teams in Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Diego. From planning your menu and recommending venue partners to executing flawlessly on event day, Eco Caters works to ensure your event is a success.

Local, Seasonal Catering Menus

The best event catering makes the most of local food in season. Eco Caters crafts menus using sustainable seafood, humanely raised meat and dairy, and organic fruits and vegetables, including regional specialties.

Event venue partners

Eco Caters partners with various knowledgeable and professional venue managers. Our event catering team has worked extensively with each one and recommends them without reservation. Together, we work to seamlessly organize and execute
each event, from weddings and anniversary parties to corporate events and luncheons.

If you have any questions about our partner venues or want to discuss a catering menu, please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.