Eat Different. Work Better.

Simply Lunch is an award-winning lunch program centered around organic food and eco-conscious cooking.

Our world is moving fast — and when a workplace calls for excellence, we need our fuel. In filling your body and your soul with food that is both simple and nutritious, you’ll be more ready to take on the tasks of the day ahead.

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Simply Lunch Menu

Sample Menu


  • Grilled Chicken with Pesto Aioli, Tomato, Spinach, and Mozzarella
  • Roasted Turkey with Avocado Aioli, Grain Mustard, Mixed Greens, and Shaved Onion
  • Roast Beef with Spicy Mustard, Aioli, Arugula, and Pickled Onion
  • Arugula Salad with Fresh Fruit, Feta, and an Apple Cider Vinaigrette
  • Mixed Greens with Pecans, Chèvre, Dried Apricots, and a Cranberry Vinaigrette
  • Spinach Salad with Grilled Vegetables, Croutons, Carrot, and a Bacon Dressing
  • Vietnamese Style Salad with Marinated Chicken, Rice Noodles, and Ginger Dressing


  • Roasted Herb Chicken, Sautéed Asparagus, and Steamed Rice
  • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl with Onion, Carrots, Broccoli, and Fried Rice
  • Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce and Garlic Bread Sticks
  • Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa and a Yukon Gold Potato Purée.
    Garlic, Lime, and Cilantro Marinated Steak with Mexican Rice and Black Beans Market
  • Vegetable Curry and Coconut Rice with
    Cilantro and Lime
  • Jerk Chicken, Pan Seared Polenta, and Sautéed Winter Greens
  • Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Sample Week 1

  • DIY Salad Bar
    (with fabulous
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Jambalaya
  • Veggie Étouffée
  • Stewed Greens
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Brisket Cannellini withVegetables and Orzo
  • Grilled Farmers Market
  • Farmers Market Salad
    Grilled Chicken
  • Vegetable Farro
  • Roasted Carrots with
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Kimchi Stew
  • Veggie Stir Fry
  • Steamed Rice

Sample Week 2

  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Jerk Chicken
  • Pulled Jackfruit
  • Caribbean Fried Rice
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Overnight Brisket
  • Zucchini and Lemon
  • Fusilli with Herbs
  • Roasted Potatoes
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Gazpacho
  • Vegetarian Brown Rice Paella
  • Southern Spain Style
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Pork with Pineapple
    and Brown Sugar
  • Polenta Cake with
  • Vegetable Ragu
  • Garlic Smashed
  • Farmers Market Salad
  • Farmers Marked Grilled
  • Chicken Curry
  • Coconut Rice

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Simply Lunch is the go-to corporate lunch caterer in San Diego, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Simply Lunch Menu

Maybe you’re a scriptwriter working out of a Los Angeles high rise, a creative director at an agency in downtown San Diego, or a campaign manager in Washington DC. Wherever your path leads you during the work week, we’re here to make the journey a tasty and thoughtful one.

Like all the best things in life, our award-winning corporate lunch catering program and office catering adds zest and excitement to the day. With freshly made lunch catering menu options that strike that beautiful balance between nutritious and delicious, we want you to stop, pause, and relish in mealtime.

We use certified organic ingredients and sustainable seafood because we know the best ingredients will fill you up and make you feel good from the inside out. In fact, we’re so enthusiastically passionate about what we do, that our chef is on first name terms with our farmers! Everything we make is homemade and baked to order and our process makes ordering lunch a breeze.

Simply Lunch is an office catering service that takes the burden out of deciding what to eat at work. With meals tailored to fit your company’s own unique needs, Simply Lunch provides healthy organic, dishes to energize the mind and body while keeping lunch new and exciting each day.


Fueling people with lunch that is made from local, organic produce, helps them deliver a great performance, especially on challenging days when there isn’t time to slow down. We’ll work with you to customize a meal that takes the dietary needs of each and every one of your important team members into account. No cheese? No problem. No meat? Not a big deal at all. The choice is yours and we’ll fine-tune our menu until we reach that sweet spot that has employees running from their desks when the clock strikes noon.

As we like to say, work is hard enough. Lunch shouldn’t be. Eat simply.

This catering service is available in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Prices are variable based on headcount, fequency, and term commitment. The minimum headcount is 50 people. We offer a free onsite consultation to assess your lunch catering needs. If you have kitchen facilities, our chefs can cook from your premises daily, but if you don’t, we’ll deliver! Click the Get Started button today to request a quote and learn more.

Whether you crave grilled chicken breast with mixed greens or pasta with marinara sauce, let our team provide a trusted source of meals that are sustainable, chef-driven, healthy, and creative. Because you don’t have compromise delicious when eating green.

  • Free onsite consultation to assess your lunch catering needs.
  • Chefs available to cook at your onsite kitchen.
  • Chef-prepared meals are delivered at the specified time (if no kitchen facilities).

Lunch catering is available for a minimum of 20 people. Pricing is fast and simple. Let’s do Simply Lunch!

Serving organic food is the best way to show appreciation for your staff and clients.

Nick Brune, Executive Chef