Los Angeles Wedding Photography: One-Love Photography

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If you’re looking for a warm wedding photographer in the Los Angeles area then we think you should meet One-Love Photography!

Anyone can take wedding photos but it takes an artist to capture something special.  The photography from One-Love is warm, kind-hearted, and a their lens has a keen eye for the finer moments.  Their work shines loudly through the collection of wedding photos taken over the years and we couldn’t enjoy working with them more.   They have big hearts; big smiles and their photographs show it.  One-Love Photography also has a beautifully designed website that is definitely worthy of your time.  It feels like your turning the soft pages of an art-book.

Below is one of many weddings we’ve coordinated and catered with One-Love Photography.

Visit their website: www.onelove-photo.com

SF_274 catering san diego wedding cateringSF_005 catering san diego wedding catering

SF_150 catering san diego wedding catering

SF_267 catering san diego wedding catering

SF_569 catering san diego wedding cateringSF_630-682x1024 catering san diego wedding catering

SF_834 catering san diego wedding catering
Our Senior Event Coordinator Michelle Rodriguez

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