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Nick Brune
Founder / Co-Owner / Executive Chef

Raised in the kitchens of Louisiana, Nick Brune grew up in a family that viewed a home-cooked meal as  one of the greatest acts of love. That simple trust in the power of good food to gather friends and family around a table inspired Nick and his wife, Emily, to create their organic catering company.

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Emily Brune
Co-Owner / Senior Event & Wedding Coordinator (San Diego)

Emily manages the family of Eco Caters kitchens across Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington D.C. Her infectious energy fuels the entire Eco team so whether your event is once in a lifetime or an excuse to celebrate a milestone, Emily and her team will make your experience an occasion to remember.

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Inga Brydson
Marketing Director

With twenty five years in the British catering industry, Inga is a highly respected marketing leader in the food world. She’s worked with Michelin-star restaurants, 5-star hotels, London-based private members’ clubs, historic royal palaces, even railway dining cars. San Diego is now the home for her talents.

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Lauren Sullivan
Senior Event Coordinator (Los Angeles)

Lauren is a fresh voice in the Los Angeles event scene. Born into a family-owned catering business, Sullivan has been an avid student, and now senior event designer. Known for working in her running shoes, she’s not afraid to use them. Her tireless creativity and resourcefulness ensure a beautifully tailored event for each of her clients.

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Rob Turner
Head Chef (Los Angeles)

Rob’s love of food has taken him, and his chef’s knife, on culinary adventures throughout Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and into the head chef position at our Los Angeles kitchen. Today, his passion to create awe-inspiring flavors, using local and seasonal foods, benefit red carpet winners’ and groom’s alike.

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Christine Sheffield
Corporate Sales and Events (Los Angeles)

Christine’s love for food and her excellent event management skills made her a natural for a career in hospitality. Between 2016 and 2018, Christine helped to open and run the Eco Café in the commissary at The Culver Studios to provide high quality, organic food to the production studio’s employees and clients. She’s now made the transition into corporate sales and events.

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Jessica Sleep
Lead Event Coordinator (San Diego)

Jessica lives, breathes, sleeps hospitality with over five years’ experience in catering and event planning, and a stint volunteering at a USDA Organic Certified Farm. She’s a stickler for detail to ensure that your event is the stuff of dreams. Her sunny personality make her a real hit with clients.

kayleen-webster-eco-caters-san-diego-thegem-person catering san diego wedding catering
Kayleen Webster
Business Development Manager (San Diego)
Kayleen spent eight years designing, planning and selling events and hospitality, first in San Francisco and now San Diego. A passionate brand ambassador, Kayleen embodies California’s collaborative, creative spirit and is focused on cultivating strategic partnerships to grow Eco Caters on the West Coast.