Work Hard, Eat Simply

We could rave about how our award-winning corporate lunch program uses certified organic ingredients and sustainable seafood. That our chef is on first name terms with our farmers. That our menus strikes that delicious balance between naughty and nutritious with everything homemade and baked to order. How our process makes ordering lunch a breeze. That we pride ourselves on being punctual…but then it wouldn’t be simple, would it? Work is hard enough. Lunch shouldn’t be.

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Work is hard, lunch shouldn’t be.

If how you eat reflects your work and lifestyle – you probably want to know where your food comes from, who makes it, and what’s in it.

Simply Lunch takes the burden out of deciding what to eat at work. With meals tailored to fit your company’s needs, Simply Lunch provides healthy organic dishes to energize your mind and body while keeping lunch new and exciting each day.

Simply Lunch chefs bring years of catering experience and passion to the table. The team provides a trusted source of meals that are not only sustainable, but chef-driven, healthy, and creative. Don’t compromise delicious when eating green.

Available in San Diego, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Prices $10-$12 per person, based on a minimum of 20 people. Free onsite consultation to assess your lunch catering needs. If you have kitchen facilities, our chefs can cook from your premises daily. If no facilities, we will deliver to you to the times that you need.

Pricing your event is fast and easy. Please click the Get Started button to request a quote and learn more about lunch catering services.