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Eco Caters’ Washington, DC location was founded in 2012 with a mission to provide the highest quality event catering to our community. As our name implies, our talented chefs and event design teams work to incorporate organic ingredients and sustainable practices into our business every day. The result? Forward-thinking, crowd-pleasing menus presented with style and sophistication.

Our award-winning catering and event design company credits much of its success to the help of friends. With kitchens and connections in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, our catering teams understand that great dishes prepared from fresh ingredients are crucial to a fantastic event. We work closely with local organic growers, sourcing food from the surrounding areas and using sustainably produced ingredients. Community farmers are like family to the Eco Caters chefs.

Our goal is to ensure that your event thrills the senses and delights the palate. You’ll also experience peace of mind, because, simply put: the company behind it all cares.

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Event Catering

Creating a personalized experience for each of our clients fills us with pride. With more than a decade of experience, Eco has catered all manner of weddings, black-tie events, intimate cocktail parties and corporate lunches. Our goal is to provide exceptional catering that shows off your style and hospitality.

Eco Caters’ knowledgeable and creative Chefs design custom menus based on the personal tastes/dietary needs, traditions and budgets of our clients. The emphasis is on naturally healthy ingredients, whether it’s organic hors d’oeuvres, a vegetarian or vegan plated menu, or lunch menus custom designed for your company. Dairy-, gluten-,nut- and sugar-free selections are always available at Eco.

Bring on the special requests and out-of-the box ideas. Our goal is to make you shine! And, since we love keeping a big network of friends, we’re happy to introduce you to any of our preferred venues or partners who can help make your event stand out, too!

Wedding Catering

A wedding dinner is a memorable and poignant meal, the kind that serves to bond two families together forever. Over glasses of chilled champagne, friends and family come together to celebrate the undeniable love story of two people, and to toast to the lifetime of joy and happiness that is ahead. We’ve poured our hearts into our food and our service as a dedication to the love of the people who allow us into their worlds to share their special day.

As it turns out, our secret isn’t so secret, after all. It’s the reason people are open to sharing their special celebration with us, and it’s the reason guests keep coming back for more. Our ultimate goal is to prepare a wedding menu with food so good, you just have to share it with the people you love. And we love helping create that perfect backdrop, too. If you need ideas or introductions to some of D.C.’s best venues we’d be happy to connect you.

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Lunches that please the palate and have real nutritional value can spark the appetite and energize mind and body for the afternoon ahead. Eco Caters makes beyond-the-box lunches from organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, using eco-friendly practices.

Fresh, homemade, baked to order and delivered on time – everybody loves lunch when it’s this easy.

  • Free onsite consultation to assess your lunch catering needs.
  • Chefs available to cook at your onsite kitchen.
  • Chef-prepared meals are delivered at the specified time (if no kitchen facilities).

Lunch catering is available for a minimum of 20 people.


We’ve worked hard to establish a coast-to-coast standard of excellence that supports award-winning sustainable practices in our kitchens. The strong relationships we have developed with local growers and farmers help support our relationships with the most important people of all – our clients.

With organic and sustainable practices second nature to our business, Eco Caters can devote its full attention to the values, taste and preferences of each individual client. From the initial planning phase, we will work collaboratively with you to ensure your event reaches well beyond its full potential.

Awards and Accolades

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