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While March brings forth Women's History Month and the Youth Art Month, it also offers our first burst of fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables of the year.

Why the importance on "seasonal" fruits and vegetables?

While one can can always find tomatoes, leafy greens, and essential fruits at the local grocery store, it does not always mean that it's "fresh." That limp head of lettuce may not have been grown nearby.  It may have traveled thousands of miles across the globe and picked over a week before landing in your fridge.  By this time these delicate living organisms have diminished in nutritional value, and flavor.

By choosing local and in season produce, your are giving your body the maximum vitamins and minerals it requires.  Let along the fact that your supporting your community by purchasing from local farmers and reducing our carbon footprint by having your food shipped across the continent.

Lastly, purchasing in season fruits and vegetables just taste better!  They are fresh so they are typically riper and more crips than products that sat in a crate for days on end.  Some of the best places to pick these in season fruits and vegetables is at your neighborhood farmers market.  It'll give you a chance to compare freshness from different farms, and also give you the chance to talk directly with the growers.

Here are a list of 20 in-season fruits and vegetables you should add to your grocery list for the month of March.

1.  Carrots 

2.  Brussels Sprouts 

3.  Pears

4.  Artichokes

5.  Grapefruit

6.  Oranges

7.  Tangerines

8.  Lemons

9.  Celery

10.  Apples

11.  Cabbage

12.  Strawberries

13.  Asparagus

14.  Broccoli

15.  Spinach

16.  Greens

17.  Potatoes

18.  Beets 

19.  Cauliflower

20. Radishes

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Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 4.26.54 PM

Based out of Sicily, Stemmari Vineyard has become a dominant winery using both native and international veritels.  With it's reasonable price point and balanced bottles it should be at the top of everyone's grocery list or on the menu for your upcoming event.

Eco Caters catered a wine and hors-d'oeuvre social with the owners of Stemmari Vineyard. While the event was highly entertaining, served with all organic food of course, our staff was lucky enough to have each received a bottle of Stemmari Pinot Noir as a gift.  I was so enthused, having read praising reviews of the wine months earlier, and looking forward to enjoying this bottle with my wife.

Later that week my wife and I planned a special dinner so that we could enjoy the bottle together.  We paired a simple beet salad with a soft goats cheese and roasted pork tenderloin.  As we sat down to eat we popped the cork on our Stemmaari Pinot Noir. We instantly inhaled notes of cherry, currant and pepper.

Our first impression of the wine was that it was well balanced and with a nice spice to it. It pulled forward the deep flavor of the beats, the gamey flavors in the goats cheese, and the rosemary from the pork.

We were very impressed with the bottle and have since purchased several others.  It's an enjoyable bottle of wine for sipping, paired with food, or a special occasion. We also could not believe how reasonably priced it was and have since found it a few of our usual grocery stores.

About Stemmari

sLR0NL7D_400x400Celebrated for its hot sunny climate, historic monuments and rich culinary tradition, Sicily has been producing rich flavored and full-bodied wines since Greek and Roman times. Well known for its warm Mediterranean climate, hot sun, intense sun-light, and fertile soil, Sicily has blossomed into one of the world’s most promising wine regions.

Arancio cultivates its own grapes in two large estates along the windy south coast of the island. A total of 1,700 acres of estate vineyards are planted in single varietal fields in order to offer 100% single varietal wines to the final consumer.

Arancio’s new state-of-the-art facilities are utilized to take full advantage of what this bountiful land has to offer. A new generation of talented and passionate Sicilian winemarkers and vineyard managers produce Arancio wines that are consistent representations of Sicilian and International varietals grown in the hot Sicilian climate. Arancio wines are well reviewed by all major international magazines, year after year.

For more information about Stemmari Pinot Noir, or their other veritels, we encourage you to visit their website:

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Helping you plan your upcoming Smog Shoppe event by making it easy on you. 

I know I’ve said this a million times, but it bears repeating: our Los Angeles wedding catering company is right across the street from one of the best event spaces in Los Angeles, The Smog Shoppe!  So, when couples and companies come in to see us and say they’re having a wedding or company event across the street, we get gitty!  We love that we’re closer than any other Los Angeles wedding caterer to the Smog Shoppe.  We’ve done a ton of events over the years with the Smog Shoppe (and their sister location, The Marvimon House and The Millwick), and we love working with them.  We love their dedication to sustainable design,  we love the atmosphere they create for celebration, and our proximity to one another makes event planning a breeze for everyone involved, including our recent client, the Landry Design Group.

Eco Caters los angeles catering smog shoppe event space holidya party

The Smog Shoppe Event Space

The first thing clients look for when planning a Los Angeles wedding is the venue.  One of my absolute favorite venues in Los Angeles is the Smog Shoppe.  Smog Shoppe events seem to be a little more fun and exciting than the others.  There’s just something special about the layout and the vibe of the indoor/outdoor wedding venue that gets people in a swinging mood. A Smog Shoppe wedding or event is also great because clients have both indoor and outdoor spaces all in one spot.  It’s also a eco friendly!  They have solar panels, reusable rain water tanks, and its made of recycled materials.  The Smog Shoppe is a great venue for your green wedding or corporate event. i-bk9bJBX-XL

Eco Caters

The all-organic and locally sourced Los Angeles catering company is a perfect match with the Smog Shoppe.  The Eco Caters kitchen is located directly across the street from the venue making it a breeze.  Eco Caters also does tons of events with the Smog Shoppe and the two have a great relationship with one another. For the Landry Design Group the organic Los Angeles catering company put together a crowd pleasing menu all created from local farms, in season produce, and everything is certified USDA organic. Eco Caters organic catering san diego los angeles catering catereri-QhBSCT4-XL Our Los Angels catering team would like to give a special thanks to the Landry Design Group for making Eco Caters apart of their holiday party!  We are honored you choose us as your Los Angeles caterer and we look forward to next year! Untitled We are excited to plan your next event!  Eco Caters is more than a catering company that servers high end organic food, we are also event planners! To get a quick quote or to help you plan your next Los Angeles event, please reach out to us:  We look forward to hearing from you!

Los Angeles 310.202.0326 Washington D.C. 202.810.3262 San Diego 858.246.6129

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Local, Organic Catering

At Eco Caters we strive to produce the most flavorful cuisine for every event while upholding very high standards with regards to quality and eco-consciousness.  We do so in many ways but primarily by catering organic food bought directly from local organic Southern California, Virginia and Maryland farms, depending on the location of your event.  In addition to organic catering we try to minimize our impact on the earth by composting our scraps and using that compost to grow organic herbs and vegetables.  We also use hybrid cars for delivery, reuse scrap paper, refer our clients to other “green” minded vendors and we never waste any food.  We specialize in weddings, corporate functions and private events of all sizes.  Our cuisine is a blend of California fresh mixed with French, Cajun and Southern flavors to bring to your senses a new experience that we know you will love.

Although we are extremely environmentally conscious and waste very little, we believe that we can always do more.  That is why we have plans to build out a completely green kitchen in each city that we offer catering, purchase bio-diesel vans for delivery running off of our own used vegetable oil and go 100% paperless.  In addition we are involved in community projects that will plant organic gardens throughout Southern California, Virginia and Maryland and educate the public on growing and eating organic food.  Catering organic food for community events will be our way of giving back and raising awareness for the necessity of local organic farms.  Please contact us for more information on upcoming community events in which we would appreciate your involvement and support.  Organic catering is only the start and we hope that you will join us in our journey to support our local organic farms and our community.

get in touch with eco caters